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Results 1 to 20 of I wrote a code proven working with a RC oscillator; is there anyone who knows the rason why when i replace the RC oscillator with the crystal in the way descibed above the circuit stops working? The code i’m referring to is posted here: See datasheet for picture. If it is 04P, probably it will not work at 8MHz. It already happened to me. Bad luck if you have used one of serial type not probable, but may be. So they sold me a ceramic resonator On the datasheet it seems to be quite the same or am i making a mistake?

It is much simple to use you do not need the capacitorsbut you will loose precision, as the ressonator has higher tolerance than the crystal.

16F Datasheet(PDF) – Microchip Technology

Is it better to use the ceramic resonator or the RC oscillator? Does your oscillator work with resonator? Make a test with serial communication, it may work, but it is not sure for all resonators. RC oscillators are the worst and less accurate of all.


You do not know and do not predict at what frequency they will work, and they are more dependent of temperature. On it is written CRB 1.

If it has three pins, then the middle pin goes to ground. What are the other config bits? ON Flash Program Write: Yes you should use the capacitors with 2 pin resonator. Use a high impedance probe 10x position and check the oscout pin one of the oscillator pins in the PIC. There should be a signal the clock. The only additional componentes are 2 resistors: Of course you should use the 22 pF capacitors. Are you sure you are doing it correct? So it can be your problem.

For some 61f870, the PIC may enter in the low voltage programming mode connect this pin to ground anyway. May be your oscillator with crystal was running, but the LVP does not allow the normal functioning. You can also test the oscillator with a frequency 16f80, or a logic probe. Any instrument that shows you that there is signal oscillations will do the job. Originally Posted by ripkars. The resonator i bought does not work.


Added after 1 minutes: Originally Posted by unkarc. Hi, The type CRB1. Similar Threads How to implement a crystal oscillator for 2.

Crystal or Crystal Oscillator 6. Problem about crystal oscillator Crystal or Crystal Oscillator? Problem with simulating crystal oscillator in Circuit Maker5 6.

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16F870 Datasheet PDF

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