The Akai SXL is a 16 bit professional stereo digital sampler. Accessories: AC power cable, operators manual, O/S disk, MESA disk, Demo Sequence disk. SXL Operator’s Manual – Version iii WARANTY WARRANTY AKAI Electric Co. Ltd. warrants its products, when purchased from an authorized “AKAI . Hi, I just bought an Akai S Sampler without manual. I didn’t find one with google (just the xl Version, which is diffrent). Akai Pro wrote me, that they bought .

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You will note that if this parameter is set high but you play notes quickly, the portamento effect may be so slow that your notes never hit the right pitches! Further Editing Functions You s300xl find that nothing happens when you route LF01 to a destination and set a modulation level at the destination’s input.

You must enter a unique new name.

These limits are designed to provide manuzl protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This is not a fault of the SXL but something that cannot be avoided.

If you leave FADE or select another sample, these will be lost and you will have to set them again.

Different programs may be selected for editing by scrolling with the DATA control. This sets the effect send level. Soloing The Current Effect You may also switch the effects routing to OFF. Of course, it may be used for special effects. If you have just switched the SXL on with no disk in it, you will have the four synth waveforms in there. This allows you to select from three waveforms. If you are new to samplers, the MULTI mode corresponds more with most other sound module’s implementation that you may be more familiar with.

These keys allow you to mark two functions and switch between them using the JUMP key. Sets the viewing angle for the LCD. Lfo1 This selects LFO 1 as the modulation source. Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release. If you have set many parameters like level, output assignment, FX routing and send levels, etc. PLAY page as you wish and these are x3200xl saved as soon as you leave this page.


In a layered string or vocal ensemble, by applying this to just one of the layers, you can create interesting chorus effects as each note has a slightly different detune amount. If a program is set to LOW priority, then notes from this program will be stolen first. This sets the rate of LF Should you press this by mistake, you will see that the boxed area in the lower right of the screen still mxnual the new name you entered so press NAME immediately followed by ENT and make your choice again.

You will receive a prompt asking you if you manuaal to clear the entire memory.

Akai S3200XL Manuals

Using Multi Mode For Layering Programs In the case of layering three sounds, polyphony will be cut to around ten voices. As an example, you could have five stereo string samples each sampled at G on every octave which could be assigned into such a program.

In short, what it means is that as well as owning a superb sampler, you also have a very excellent and versatile analogue style synthesiser. Although it may seem a contradiction in terms to use the SINGLE mode for ‘multi’ applications, this is to maintain compatibility with data created on earlier Akai samplers.

Sxl Flowchart Once you are happy with everything, the whole thing may be saved to disk for recall at a later date. Each key is illuminated to indicate the sampler’s current status.

Use one of these as the basis of your new sample. Please ensure that you have saved them to disk before deleting in case you want to come back to them at a later date. SCSI devices when you buy them. The SXL also includes a multieffects processor that offers no less than four channels that include two multi-effects channels with distortion, EQ, ring modulation, modulation effects such as chorus, flanging, pitch shifting, auto panning and rotary speaker effects plus delay and reverb.


Creating And Editing Cue Lists This is brought to your attention so that you may make allowances when playing legato across keygroups. You will note that this does not apply when inputting notes from the keyboard and is on. You may select different programs for editing here if you wish.

Full text of “Akai S XL Owner’s Manual”

Page SCSI chains that are longer than the specified length may cause data errors and possibly corruption of data. Page The type of sounds created here can be long evolving sounds which may find a place in soundtrack work as they can be very dramatic. This sets the range for bending pitch up with the pitchbend wheel or lever. This allows you to set crossfades for keygroups that overlap. You may also set the balance and pan positions between these sounds in the MIX page. It may be, however, that this does still not overcome the problem and so there is a facility to crossfade keygroups for an even smoother transition where one keygroup gradually fades down through the overlap whilst the other fades up thereby giving a smooth transition.

To enjoy stereo modulation effects with echo, please choose the stereo delay option see below. You may not modify, adapt, translate, lease, distribute, resell for profit or create derivative works based on the software and its related documentation or any part there of without prior written consent from AKAI Electric Co.

This is a fixed assignment and sets how much velocity will affect the overall loudness of the program. Make sure that the back of the rack is unobstructed to allow a clear airflow. Please refer to the SAVE section for more information on saving files. This warranty becomes void if the product or its software is electroni- cally modified, altered or tampered with in any way.

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