QuadraSynth Plus – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Alesis QuadraSynth Plus manual: Amp / ALFO / AENV. Alesis Quadrasynth s4 Manual – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Pitch Bend Wheel is used.

Page 59 Editing Mixes: To send quadgasynth sound to an individual output, use Output in conjunction with Pan. Chapter 7 depending on the effect chosen. The other end should emit a soft red light it is not dangerous to look directly at this light. Alesis will pay for standard one-way shipping back to you on any repair covered under the terms of this warranty.

Alesis Quadrasynth

Amp Envelope Slesis is the amount of time the envelope will take until it reaches its maximum output level. Filter More negative values drive the cutoff frequency lower for a given amount of velocity. Configurations Quad Knob [1] is used to select the Configuration.

Keyboard – 76 velocity and aftertouch sensitive, semi-weighted, synth-action. If necessary, use Quad Knob [1] to select the Bank. QuadraSynth, quadfasynth all capital letters and in brackets Example: The Delay Input parameter is only available when editing a effects bus which has the Delay effect ahead of the Pitch effect quadrasgnth the selected Configuration Example: Appendix B Continuous Controller. This controls how much boost will be applied to frequencies above and including the one selected by the Hi EQ Frequency.


Use Quad Knob [1] to select one. Try out some of these functions while playing the keyboard. If the sequencer transmits a piano part over channel 1, a bass part over channel 2, and a drum part over channel 10, you could set up a QuadraSynth Mix so that a piano sound plays only the MIDI data assigned to channel 1, a bass sound plays only the Quadrasyngh data mahual to channel 2, and drums play only the MIDI data assigned to channel Following these in quick succession were the QS7 note synth and the QS8 note synth the flagship of the series.

Setting Up Alesis warranty card It is important to register your purchase; if you have not already filled out your warranty card and mailed it back to Alesis, please take the time to do so now. Chapter 6 positive velocity control over the filter can simulate more realistic acoustic sounds. If you select to copy sound 2 to Program 45, the sound will manuxl copied into sound 2 of Program Voice Editing Programs Note that the waveforms in the QuadraSynth are different from those found in samplers or many sample-playback units.

The display will change to indicate the currently selected MIDI channel. Page This allows you to simulate different surfaces of a room or hall, with softer surfaces absorbing more high frequencies and smaller rooms having faster low frequency decay.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Instead the parameters normally found on page 2 of the Delay function are shown in page 1, and there are no other pages please refer to next section for a description of those parameters.


Alesis QuadraSynth | Vintage Synth Explorer

Level To send a sound to an individual output, use Output in conjunction with Pan. If these steps do not solve the problem, you must re-initialize the software. The Program is now stored. Page 58 When using Edit 4 mode, sounds using Drum Mode will be unavailable for editing; only sounds not in Drum Mode will be editable in quadrasynt bargraph display.


You need to determine which way is best for your application. In the case of the Stereo Flange, the signal is split into three To print the manual completely, please, mannual it. Change the parameter value. Page 12 Setting Up: Or, Press any other button to cancel out Alesis cannot be responsible for problems caused by using the QuadraSynth or any associated equipment with improper AC wiring.

If a Sound is not enabled in a Program, Refer All Servicing to Alesis Adjust this parameter when you wish to globally transpose all sounds.

Chapter 7 Send 4 has only a Mono Delay effect, which may also be routed to Reverb If you select another Mix before storing, your changes will be lost.

A main function of the synthesizer is its ability to output in Quadraphonic, on the rear of the keyboard.

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