Resumo. A amiloidose traqueobrônquica primária é uma for- ma de amiloidose respiratória, caracterizada pela pre- sença de depósitos insolúveis de proteína. Amiloidose primaria com comprometimento meningo-radiculo-neurotico. Arquivos de. Neuro-psiquiatria (Sao Paulo), 13, Juliao, 0. al idiopathic (primary) amyloidosis. al idiopática (primaria) amiloidose. al left ear. al orellaesquerda. al porous alumni. al alumnosporosos.

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The Brazilian Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery is indexed in: Previous article Back to the Top Next article. The aim is to report the evolution with a survival of seven years after heart transplantation and in very fair condition of a patient with amyloidosis.

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Rev Bras Cir Cardiovasc. Online Submission Register here Advanced Search. ABSTRACT Cardiac amyloidosis is a disease with a gloom life expectance after the beginning of the symptomatic phase, usually with sudden death as the final event.



Assistant of Cardiology of Dr. Cardiac transplantation for amyloid heart disease: One year after amuloidose heart transplantation, there was indication of renal transplantation also from the aggression from the disease.

J Heart Lung Transplant. Follow-up results of a multicenter survey. Treatments for amyloidosis beyond symptomatic care.

BJCVS, Vol.: 24 Ed.: 3 – / – , Heart transplantation in primary amyloidosis

Heart transplantation in patients with amyloidosis: Even considering the multi systemic nature of amyloidosis, we can accept that in peculiar patients justified the heart transplantation, taking in the consideration the very bad prognosis of the disease.

J Thorac Primatia Surg. This patient compares’ favorable with three other patients also from our service, who died early after de diagnosis.

Combined heart and liver transplantation in four adults with familial amyloidosis: Out of eight patients with cardiac amyloidosis studied, six patients presented cardiac insufficiency, three patients died in less than three amiloisose, which is in accordance with our previous experience of three cases in which all died prior to the cardiac transplantation, still in the evaluation stage Table 1. Cardiovascular surgeon – Assistant of Dr.


Recurrence of primary AL amyloidosis in a transplanted heart with four-year survival. Even considering the amiloidosee systemic nature of amyloidosis, we can accept that in peculiar patients justified the heart transplantation, taking in the consideration the very bad prognosis of the disease Keywords Amyloidosis. Support All scientific articles published at www.

The aggression to other organs, although, can make heart transplantation a disputable form of treatment taking into consideration the shortage of donor organs. Combined heart and liver transplantation for familial amyloidotic polyneupathy. Progression of systemic disease an reduced long-term amikoidose in patients with cardiac amyloidosis undergoing heart transplantation. Heart and liver disease in 32 patients undergoing biopsy of both organs, with implications for heart or liver transplantation.

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