I wanna sell my Apexi I-Moni which i bought at japan before. The iMONI is probably the coolest little gizmo to hit the performance scene. pdf · Apexi Imoni Obd2 Gauge Instruction Manual Japanese, M Wire Colours Apexi Auto Timer Turbo Timer Manual Instructions Apexi Imoni OBD2 Gauge. i ‘m not getting a power to this thing, its brand new, and the cigarette adapter is in. the obd-2 port is right under the area with the vsa switch.

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This allows the tuner to move the load bearing around on the map quickly and easily to effectively shift the map up and down.

Apexi PowerFC FAQ – paulrcom

What does the unit look like? The following errors occurred with your submission. I found it very handy to plug datalogit into a laptop and use the laptops video out to my built in TV screen to preform Advanced Knock log whilst driving around, very helpful but certainly not required.

By Piggaz Started September 4, If you find the car is qpexi to make the pressure you desire, increase the duty cycle value. Imlni need to purchase one second hand if you want to buy one. Hand Controller Extension Cord Make your own. For sale, my very reliable and well maintained DC2 club car.


Apexi PowerFC FAQ

The only map sensor supported out of the box is the optional Apexi one apsxi rebadged. I would expect the power difference to be 5 to 10rwkw at the most in the midrange and top end. When I turn my car on I get a clicking relay noise and the hand controller dies.

For more details on this please read http: I have this applied to my car still after about a year and everything is still fine — standard turbo is still in tact etc. See what comes up on the hand controller Email me paul paulr These units have two additional functions over the regular units: The value will go from say 20 to You could also give this value to your tuner to give him an idea of how rich its running.

If the map sensors detects that boost pressure is 0. There are maps for fuel injection and ignition timing. My Hand Controller freezes at the Apexi Logo. I would not recommend it for a imobi skyline but you certainly can use it, it will just cost a lot. If you enter the wrong values, this could be fatal to your engine so be careful.

FS: kouki fender, apexi imoni, apexi ero flasher, sr parts, s14, ngk sprak plugs

The code logic, solenoid parts, wiring etc is the same. The third value is duty cycle The fourth value is unused always The wiring is shown below. Why is it there? Basic Hand Controller functions and use — Checking Sensors. Some mechanical conditions may prohibit boost from reaching the target boost.


To install the new map sensor you need to rescale it correctly. Any more questions just ask Located Nelson.

This has been out for a while now Some items are not avaiable on various units ie: BatVolt should be around 14 at idle. This can be helpful for large twin applications. How to reset SRS air bag light: What does the box look like?

Traditional anitlag backs off timing on gearchange and dumps fuel, but keeps the throttle nailed so keep exhaust gas flowing. When the solenoid wiring meets with the Map Sensor harness the colours for the Soneoid change as follows.

For Sale is a K series Honda rocker cover. Everything will be imooni for sale to do with the engine and trans.

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