O apinhamento dentário pode ser definido como uma discrepância entre o tamanho do dente e o tamanho do arco que leva à má oclusão. No presente artigo. Download scientific diagram | Apinhamento dentário de terceiro molar inferior esquerdo de cachorro-do-mato, Cerdocyon thous, apontado pela seta. from. 1 mar. Caso Clínico. Apinhamento terciário: causas e opções terapêuticas. Referências 1. Aznar T, Galán AF, Marín I, Dominguez A. Dental arch.

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The system is not in full tensegrity, in the long term. Post retention evaluation of stability and relapse mandibular arches with generalized spacing. If, after orthodontic apinhajento, retainers use is mandatory, we must consider that: In animal and vegetal bodies, as well in objects, the supporting systems tend to receive and create forces in their structures, but, in apinhwmento end, the forces cancel each other, with a resultant equal to zero.

It could be due to a facial aging?

Why does not this occur? Considering our evolutionary stage, we should recognize that recommending the continued use apinhamrnto retainers in Orthodontics, with all the resulting discomfort, reflects the need to know more deeply the problem, allowing us to advance, from the technological point of view, in the purposes of resolution. For this, we selected a few questions to guide this text, such as: Snelson brought his work to the extreme of the tensegrity concept, almost taking for himself the concept of balance and force distribution, spreading it all over the world.

Skeletal anchorage for orthodontic correction of maxillary protrusion with adult periodontitis.


Association between malpositioned teeth and periodontal disease

Services on Demand Journal. Many questions about the mandibular anterior crowding tend to generate incomplete, evasive and reticent answers, since there are dsntal many doubts about it, although it is a very studied subject in the literature. How to cite this article. An interdisciplinary approach for improved functional and esthetic results in a periodontally compromised adult patient.

There are still some forces acting in search of a tensegrity that was not obtained or was lost. The concept of zpinhamento was established by Richard Buckminster Fuller5 an American genius who is considered a designer, an architect and a visionary writer.

Revista Pró-UniverSUS

Ingber in the context of life architecture, in an article published in the Scientific American 5 on January of Eur J Paediatr Dent. Barcelona, edicions de la universitat de barcelona, Barcelona, ES, De acordo com Freitas et al.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. The teeth on a dental arch should be on tensegrity offered by:. As new layers of cement slowly build up, the periodontal thickness is maintained.

The crowding can be classified as primary, secondary or tertiary, when it affects the mixed dentition in the first transitional period, second transitional period and permanent dentition, respectively. The factors of tooth position stability in the arch – or dental tensegrity – should be considered when apinhamenot plans and perform an orthodontic treatment.

Mandibular anterior crowding: normal or pathological?

As an analogy, for comparative purposes, we could use the alopecia, or baldness, in the men, which happens with aging: Van der Linden, F.

Even in the most severe crowding cases, the teeth do not touch one another. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop ; The clinical application of a tooth-size analysis Am J Orthod ; Oral health among Liberian refugees in Ghana. Long-term comparison of extraction and nonextraction alternatives in matched samples of African American patients Am J Orthod ; Assessment of the oral health status of school children in Addis Ababa.


Prevalence of malocclusion in year-old North Jordanian school children. J Clin Orthod ; Understand and explain to the patients that the dental stability factors, or the dental tensegrity, may be modified by external factors, including facial aging. The Concept and Appliance. The periodontal space in which the periodontal ligament is located is maintained thanks to the constant liberation of EGF Epidermal Growth Factor by the epithelial rests of Malassez.

This process generates forces that tend to bring the tooth to other position, but the occlusion and the other forces keep the tooth at the same position.

Tensegrity is the term used to describe the concept of balance or stability of any system of forces of nature or made by humans, including the dental arch. Crowding should be considered a loss of tensegrity of teeth in the dental arch, and not simply a consequence of the lack of space. The osteoblasts have EGF receptors, but the cementoblasts, do not. A To answer the following questions: Rev Ateneo Argent Odontol.

Effects of extraction and nonextraction therapy with air-rotor stripping on facial esthetics in postadolescent borderline patients.

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