2 out. Mais uma receita: O aquecedor solar de garrafa PET foi desenvolvido pelo aposentado catarinense José Alcino Alano e a ideia ganhou um. Converter a energia do sol em energia elétrica está mais prático e mais fácil. Mais uma inovação sustentável no mercado da construção civil está se. Aquecedor solar de garrafa PET e caixa de leite AM – 14 Aug 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes. Reply. Retweet. Retweeted. Like.

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There were many simulations with the mathematical models used and comparisons were made with the climatic data of the city of Caxias do Sul, in Rio Grande do Sllar state, in Brazil, determining the system with the most efficient configuration for the simulated water consume profile. In this study, we analyzed the feasibility of using radiation concentrators in thermal solar systems for the hygiene of milking parlors.

Se realizan ejemplos de aplicacion, donde se obtienen ciertos resultados de los cuales se hace una aquecesor discusion. The Brazilian land receives a great amount of solar radiation all over the year, therefore, because both the culture and practical aspects, Brazilians use in a non-moderate way the electricity to boil the water for human bath in the rural homes, in the lower income residences even at part of the medium class homes.

Ao longo do aquecimentoo teor de carotenoides foi praticamente todo degradado e consequentemente a cor foi bastante alterada.

This paper discusses the need for regulatory changes, greater government participation in the granting of financial and tax incentives so that PV solar power technology in distributed generation can be financially viable for residential consumers.

Furthermore, the solar collector energy system provides a higher rate of heating and trough of the thermal reservoir the temperature can remain longer.

Absorber tubes were connected in parallel through the use of PVC fittings and fixed to the plate by the use of metal poles and rivets. But maybe you could include a a bit more in the way of content so people can connect with it better.

Passamos para a segunda fase.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. T-student tests had been used to detect the significant difference in the average of total cost to being considered the diameter of the wind. El desarrollo e implementacion de estos dispositivos en diversos paises del mundo, han permitido evaluar la factibilidad tecnica de las tecnologias asociadas al aprovechamiento y uso de las Energias Renovables para resolver los problemas energeticos globales, y, de esta forma, conseguir la tan ansiada independencia energetica a la que aspiran todas las naciones del planeta.


Weirdyour posting shows up with a dark hue to it, what shade is the primary color on your web site? The absorber is connected to a L thermotank, insulated with polyurethane foam.

Factors like functionality, maintenance, organizational and space limitations, and costs were analized. Estrada Cajigal, V [Solartronic S. The sample comprised news items from more than 3, published on the topic between October and October The experimental design was completely randomized aqiecedor a factorial 2 x 3 model, made up by two heating systems, three lineages of male broilers and six treatments and six replications, totaling thirty six poultry houses pef 13, birds each.

Dentre essas fontes, a energia solar destaca-se por ser perene e limpa.

Se analizaron factores como funcionalidad, mantenimiento, limitaciones organizativas, espaciales, y costos. Garraga resultados obtidos foram os seguintes: The solar heating systems, generally used in Brazil, conserves the same reservoirs used in France at The experimental data demonstrates that the solar aquecedro is capable to heat the fluid to temperatures close to 70 deg C, reaching temperatures close to 50 deg Gadrafa even during cloudy days with low solar radiation.

Se encuentra que existen combinaciones de los parametros antes mencionados, para los cuales, la operacion del colector es termodinamicamente optima para numeros de flujo de masa elevados. Los segundos transforman la energia solar en calor, el cual puede ser utilizado en una gran variedad de procesos.

In these tests, the following variables were monitored: Temperatura y humedad relativas en un secador solar de plantas para la salud. It is described semi-empirical models to thermal characterization of an experimental device. Top of atmosphere radiation and possible maximum sunshine were calculated considering local latitude.

The solsr point to a low financial viability in the implementation of distributed microgeneration projects, suggesting the need to remove the tax burden and reduce financing costs.

Aquecedor solar feito de garrafas PET

Besides being an available natural resource, the solar energy is very applicable in places with few recourses and low money resources, because there aren’t either the need of chemical products neither a huge cost commercial materials can be reused. The absorbing surface of the collector is formed by twelve PVC pipes of 25 mm outside diameter connected in parallel via connections in T of the same material.


Solar energy for power generation and heating: Despite its importance, solar radiation is not recorded in most conventional meteorological station since not all have equipments to measure it, and then, it is usual to use empirical solar radiation estimation methods. For a given site the incident solar radiation on a tilted and previously oriented surface is determined from solar astronomy and the dally average of the monthly data of the horizontal total solar radiation.

Thanks for, commenting on my blog man! Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Engenharia Agricola], emails: I may need to use a normal web browser just to enjoy it.


The part to implement the calculations has been developed as a Java applet which can run on sopar platform and let the users, in an interactive way, to get the results.

The materials used in the experiments will be composite materials such as prepreg. The approach of this work are the foundations of the method and the system aquuecedor has been developed to apply it, that incorporates automatic acquisition equipment for continuos monitoring of the information and elements to control the parameters of interest. Also describes the design and implementation of a microcontroller based experimental transmitter to send data packets to the 3cat1 ground station.

Los resultados muestran que la utilizacion de la energia solar es factible debido a la disminucion tanto del consumo ;et combustible, como de las emisiones atmosfericas. Full Text Available Dryers heated by solar energy have been constructed and used in drying whole and half jack fruit almonds.

Montamos garafa modelo parecido com o que o sr. The system consisted of a countercurrent gasifier, coupled with a combustion chamber that burns the producer gas, and eucalyptus firewood was used as a fuel.

Santos, Ivanildo da S. The chimney consists of a glass surface oriented towards the south. Maybe you can space it out better?

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