ARTICULACION DE LISFRANC / LISFRANC JOINT / ARTICULATION DE LISFRANC ARTICULACION CUBOIDEOMETATARSIANA: Deslizamiento plantar . English Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of Spanish Word ‘articulación de Lisfranc’. Una lesión de Lisfranc es muy grave y requiere cuidado y rehabilitación cuidadosos. Obtenga más información sobre los síntomas y el cuidado de esta lesión.

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Finally deserves special attention the combined Chopart and Lisfranc dislocation, rare but especially serious. Clin Biomech ; According to Klaue 10 we thought the double approach is the best dr to treat these injuries by ensuring accessibility to both joints. Then it proceeded to carefully repair capsulo-ligamentous structures.

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Classification and epidemiology of mid-foot fractures. Injuries of the midtarsal joint. There are not great differences in prognostic terms comparing pure dislocations and fracture-dislocations.

Arch Orthop Trauma Surg ; Chopart midtarsal joint dislocations are relatively rare but potentially serious injuries.

Given the poor evolution, with persistent pain and walking impairment, the patient returned to the ER at 6 weeks of the trauma suffered. In cases of poor ,isfranc and at the persistence of pain will be indicated salvage procedures including osteotomies and arthrodesis. All dislocations should be reduced emergently if possible, and all these eventually associated fractures must be reduced and correctly fixed.

Main Bj, Jowett Rl. Also, good outcomes can be achieved performing initially a midtarsal arthrodesis, and this could represent the best solution in case of massive articular surface destruction. It exposes perfectly the calcaneocuboidal joint.


Routine postoperative measures include rigid immobilization and no-weight bearing for a period of six to eight weeks. A midtarsal joint dislocation in a year-old-woman is articulaciom, in which diagnosis was performed at 8 weeks of evolution. Often, these lesions occur in cases presenting a varus-cavus foot morphotype The combined Chopart-Lisfranc lesion seems to present significantly worse results.

She was immobilized with a cast and cited at the ambulatory trauma service.

Besides describing the treatment of this particular injury, this study is aimed at increasing the level of clinical suspicion in order to avoid misdiagnosis such as occurred in our case. The main causes of midtarsal dislocation are motor vehicle accidents and falls from a height 3,9. The midtarsal is a low mobile but essential joint for proper mechanics and architecture of the foot.

Fractures and dislocations of the midfoot: Ip Ky, Lui Th.

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Isolated dorsal midtarsal Chopart dislocation: Joint stabilization with Kirschner wires 1,mm once the congruence is restored, may provide additional stability and could be performed after either open or close reduction. Greater series reported 3,7,9 agree on a set of conclusions in terms of outcomes but they all refer lixfranc acute lesions. Complejo Hospitalario de Navarra.

Their rarity should not be a reason to underestimate them, as they are really complex and potentially serious lesions. In the supine position, under general anesthesia, access to the midtarsal joint was performed through a two-way medial and lateral approach.

The patient reported, as the only history of interest, trauma eight weeks ago, in which she struck a heavy cabinet directly over the foot in plantar flexion.


Am J Roentgenol ; We hope the reported case may be helpful to orthopedic surgeons facing similar cases and increasing awareness about this rare but serious entity. These lesions tend to be underestimated but they are potentially serious Delay in diagnosis is common and may adversely affect the long-term prognosis 3. The first aim is to present the case and its treatment.

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The reasons for misdiagnosis could be their low prevalence and the absence of obvious radiological signs in up to a third of cases 5, An open reduction was performed by a double approach medial and lateral and a Kirschner wire joint stabilization. The midtarsal joint constitutes the anatomic limit between hindfoot and midfoot.

Subsequently, the patient should begin gradual partial and controlled weigh bearing using a custom molded foot orthotics and crutches. In conclusion, handling Chopart injuries is challenging and even more in the delay setting. Both joints together with the subtalar joint are involved lisfdanc in the inversion and eversion movements 5,6. Loss of joint congruence and stability in this region jeopardizes the whole function of the foot and a normal gait 7,8.

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