ACCIONA Construction, in anticipation of the next surge of investment in rail infrastructure, and aware of the important role that the ballastless track will play in . Rail traffic is reaching out toward new horizons on ballastless track systems. The arguments are indeed convincing: long life cycles, top speed, ride comfort, and. Stabirail’s new ballastless track or slab track construction system. The most efficient method for laying railway tracks in concrete beds.

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Test track Hoesbach The success of ballastless-track technology is primarily based on the following advantages: Starting from the basis of traditional trough-track designs with mono-block sleepers, RHEDA track models were further developed to track systems with bi-block sleepers.

Website development by e-Motive Media Limited. Rheda system Pfleiderer on the line Ingelstadt Nuremberg. Inthe basic structure of the modern track structure was completed. A guide ballastlesss railroad track.

Ballastless Track

In addition, these modifications enabled further improvement in the ballasless of the sleeper in the structural concrete. The arguments are indeed convincing: For evaluation purposes, it is necessary to take into consideration the interaction between vehicle and track.

The usual preventive maintenance is limited to rail grinding, since tamping is not necessary due to the absence of ballast.


Curative maintenance beyond rail replacement is required only after several decades. European Slab Track Symposium There are some exceptions, for example, in China and France, ballasted track is individually applied in the high speed railway.

When it comes to application, ballasted track is used in the normal speed railway and fast speed railway. In Figure 16, the mean static rail deflection of different S. When used in stations, ballastless tracks are easier to clean.

Slab track is one of the most important types of non-ballast track structure. Theory of track buckling Meier – critical rail temperature raise to against neutral temperature.

The success of ballastless-track technology is primarily based on the ballastles advantages: The system is articulated around prefabricated concrete slabs, each of which contains two pairs of prefabricated blocks with premounted elastic fastening. This model was successfully implemented with mono-block sleepers on the Berlin-Hanover high-speed line, in Rathenow.

The first serial installation took place in Schleswig-Holstein ballasstless Heidelberg in On the other hand, systems implemented with concrete supporting layers offer the selection among an optimal diversity of models with homogeneous system structures. In many cases, a maintenance-free track system is indeed the more cost-effective solution over the long run.

PCM AG -Ballastless Track Systems

Experiences in Japan, where this type was laid in a length of km in tunnels Hokuriku Shinkansen line demonstrated, that the costs for the ballastlsss track is eight to 14 per cent lower than that of ordinary slab track 5. On ballastless tracks into the future of railways. For this type of S.


The construction of this structure can be highly mechanised, however it requires high technology and a specialised working team. As two common types of railroad track, ballasted track and non-ballasted track both have their merits. Measurements by inspection cars on different concrete slab tracks demonstrate that the Q—values for track geometry remain nearly constant with increasing service time.

Railway line types Railway track layouts. The restoration of the Berlin MRT system the S-Bahn enabled gaining of extensive valuable insights into the structural engineering of such track systems. It is well known from highway construction that jointed concrete pavements with increasing slab length and decreasing thickness tend to curl under temperature and moisture differentials, and often demonstrate pumping phenomena at joints.

From the existing S. A reduction of investment costs deems possible by use of a frame-shaped slab track.

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