Udham Singh – A short Biographical Sketch. Udham Singh was one of the great patriots of India, with a burning desire to see his motherland free from the. Udham Singh, a revolutionary nationalist, was born Sher Singh on 26 December , at Sunam, in the then princely state of Patiala. His father, Tahal Singh. Udham Singh born as Sher Singh was an Indian Revolutionary famous for assassinating Sir Michael O’Dwyer.

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The Udham Singh story

Udham Singh was one of the great patriots of India, with a burning desire to see his motherland free from the clutches of British colonialism and imperialism. After another few months in the USA, he took employment on vessels plying to most of the Mediterranean ports and thereafter secured employment on the S.

Singh was arrested and tried for the killing. In the early s, he travelled to East Africa, where he worked as a labourer for a while before making his way to the USA. However, Singh never forgot the reason he had come to England for.

Some of his ashes were retained; these retained ashes are kept inside sealed urn at Jallianwala Bagh. He made his way to Kashmir, where he used an alias to evade police and escape to Germany.

He passed his matriculation examination in and left the orphanage in While in San Urham, he met up with the members of the Ghadar Party, which comprised of immigrant Punjabi-Sikhs who were conducting a revolutionary movement from the USA to free India from the tyrannical British rule. Jalapa as a carpenter. From around the web. The assassination was in revenge for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in Amritsar in There was also resentment against Indians being pushed by the British to fight in the war.


It would seem so. Udham Singh and his friends from the orphanage were serving water to the udhm. A look at the actual history of one of the most shocking events of the independence struggle”. John Hutchinson and V. While in America he appears to have come under the influence of Ghadr Party [Party of Revolt] and to have been affected by its teaching.

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Udham Singh – Wikipedia

He belonged to Kamboj family of Jammu gotra sub-caste. Not a cooperative prisoner, he biograpy on a hunger strike that went on for 42 days compelling the prison uudham to forcibly feed him.

After he was convicted he made an impassioned speech which, however, was not allowed to be released to the press by the judge on the ground that it was not pertinent to the case. Sunday, 13 April was the day of Baisakhi—a major Punjabi festival to celebrate the arrival of the New Year—and thousands of people viography neighbouring villages had congregated in Amritsar for the usual festivities and fun fairs. For full 21 years, I have been trying to seek vengeance.

Follow us facebook twitter instagram youtube. I did it because I had a grudge against him. He was represented by legal luminaries like St.

Udham Singh biography, age, family, birthday & more – MYTHICAL INDIA

Just drop in a mail at toiblogs timesinternet. Back in Punjab, he devoted himself to publishing the Ghadr-di-Gunj, the radical journal of Ghadar Party.


India Office Library and Records. He seemed to regret that he had managed to kill only one person. He was prosecuted under section 20 of the Arms Act and was sentenced to five years rigorous imprisonment. It is not certain how many died in the horrific bloodbath, but according to official estimates, around people were killed and another 1, wounded.

An estimated 1, people were killed and over udhham, were wounded.

In London, he fell in with socialist groups while working as a carpenter, motor mechanic and signboard painter. Although many Indians regarded Singh’s actions as a response to some brutal aspects of British colonial ruleofficially, his actions were deplored and condemned singgh India, with Mahatma Gandhi referring to Singh’s actions as “an act of insanity”, [12] stating: Revolvers, ammunition, and copies of a prohibited Ghadar Party paper called “Ghadr-i-Gunj” “Voice of Revolt” were confiscated.

Udham Singh being led away after the shooting It would seem so. He stated that he had intended to murder Europeans who were ruling over Indians and that he fully sympathised with the Bolsheviks, as their object was to liberate India from foreign control. I hope this will not be allowed to affect political judgement.

Public perception romanticized him as a man with a mission — a lone crusader, out to extract revenge. Among the attendees was a Indian man named Udham Singh.

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