Today I’m talking about this New Adult fiction business. What’s New Adult, you ask? Well I’ve been asking the same thing for a few months and. Blacker Than Blue. By Rebekah Weatherspoon. Smashwords Edition BLACKER THAN BLUE: VAMPIRE SORORITY SISTERS BOOK 2. © By Rebekah. Buy the Paperback Book Blacker Than Blue by Rebekah Weatherspoon at Indigo .ca, Canada’s largest bookstore. + Get Free Shipping on.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. With graduation looming, Benny knows it is time for her to move on from the sorority and her lingering feelings for Cleo, but when Cleo realizes she may lose Benny forever to a powerful demon, she must put her fears aside to discover if they can find the strength to let go of their pain and accept that the love between them is true.

Paperbackpages. Vampire Sorority Sisters 2. Cleo JonesBenny Tarver. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Blacker Than Blueplease sign up. Lists with This Book. Gonna have to read the bloody third One again now Mar 21, P.

Industry rated it did not like it Shelves: However, although the writing is deft, Weatherspoon has created possibly the least sympathetic main cha Alas! However, although the writing is deft, Weatherspoon has created possibly the least sympathetic main character ever in Cleo. Things are brought to a head when Benny, in an attempt to justifiably get out of this destructive not relationship, accepts an offer of kind-of marriage to the most powerful demon on Earth.

I must admit, I found myself utterly unsympathetic quite early on. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with this plot, which would actually be very interesting. The problem is purely with that single character. At the risk of spoilers, Cleo manages to put every single person who loves her in danger including personally killing onecasually breaks other people’s sworn words, and generally acts like a sociopath.

It is very rarely that I have felt such loathing, especially when in the first book she was a character with whom it was reasonably easy to relate.

I cannot recommend this book. Jan 07, Arielle rated it liked it. Here’s the gist of it: While the first book in the Vampire Sorority Sisters duo focused a lot on the sisters and the sister-queens, Blacker Than Blue brings much more of the demon-life to the forefront which it turns out, was of less interest to me.

Blacker than blue (eBook, ) []

Of course, there was just as much sex and just as much steam, but the protagonist Benny and her love interest Cleo just weren’t as believable to me as Ginger and Camila. I certainly believed Here’s the gist of it: I certainly believed that they wanted each other, and I believed the jealousy when they weren’t together no spoilers, promise.

I even believed in how well suited they were together, sexually and I always adore BDSM themes, of which there were plenty. But I didn’t believe they were star-crossed lovers absolutely meant to be together, which is what the book wants you to believe.


At least not the same way that Ginger and Camila were meant to be. Again, the book was ble enjoyable and I read it twice – well written BDSM scenes always get me, especially when there’s so much drab out there 50 Shades of Grey, ehem.

It’s always watherspoon when somebody gets it – and the emotions behind it – right. All in all, I’d give it 3 very solid thumbs up. Which isn’t bad at all! Dec 22, Nathan Burgoine rated it it was amazing Shelves: Okay, give me a moment to put myself back together. Rebekah Weatherspoonyou nearly killed me with those last dozen pages. So, if you’re weatherspokn joining in with Blacker Than BlueI’m going to hold up a hand and tell you to halt, do not pass “Go” weayherspoon head on back to the first book in the vampire sorority sisters books, Better Off Red: Vampire Sorority Sisters Book 1.

Not because you couldn’t read this bllacker as a stand alone, but because you owe it to yourself Okay, give me a moment to put myself back together. Not because you couldn’t read this one as a stand alone, but because you owe it to yourself to have read the first book first, and quite frankly I think the variance between the two books is a thing of freaking beauty.

Blacker Than Blue

In the first book, Benny and Cleo are secondary characters, but here in Blacker Than Blue they come to centre stage. Their relationship is – to give no spoilers away, since this is page-one material – a complete and utter mess.

They’ve broken up, they have some nasty feelings for each other, and both of them are pig-headed fools that make you want to reach through the pages and strangle the both of them. It’s a credit to Rebekah Weatherspoon that the situation is so tangled, and the characters so stubborn, and yet I could not look away. You want things to work out for these two, and the ride is not a pleasant one for them.

Now here’s that variance I was talking about. Ginger, in Better Off Red: Vampire Sorority Sisters Book 1had a fun and bratty vibe to her, and the vampire who had caught her eye brought a darker and deeper pain to the story, but together the overall book was fun and upbeat. That’s not to say there weren’t dark periods – there were – but that the overall bluee of the tale was definitely present.

Blacker Than Blueon the other hand, has an overall tone that is much more often tangled and worrying. The choices that Benny and Cleo make are harsher, and the realities of their lives – and the fallout of their decisions – are much more likely to leave you terrified for them. The last twenty pages or so alone had me cringing with hope that it would bladker out, but unsure precisely because of the path the story had taken.

This was incredibly deft writing in that regard: Oh, and the sex! Rebkah holy heck did I already know Rebekah Weatherspoon could do some scorching prose see also: That’s a recipe for smoke and fire, folks. I loved this in case that wasn’t clearand I loved this because of how the same shared world as the first book remained consistent alongside this second book that had such a different tone.

That is not easy reebkah pull off. I look forward to more of these tales, and if I may have a selfish moment, I’m also crossing qeatherspoon for some of the frat brothers to pop up, too. Maybe a short story? Feb 27, Beverly Diehl rated it really liked it Shelves: Despite their estrangement, they are still forced to see one another in the company of others at least once a week.


This is both a sequel to Better Off Red, and is meant as a stand-alone. It was very well-established in the previous book, the way the sorority is something of a cover for a group of vampire queens who establish a symbiotic relationship with their willing feeders, weatherspion the vampires can do, and so on.

Despite the vampire complications, the sorority sister goings-on, the petty dramas and jealousies and personality conflicts felt very real.

You two had fun last night. It smells like blood and booty in here. But it felt like a missing beat, maybe? I loved Cleo struggling to let go of her human family. I liked the incredibly hot sex scenes and the interesting ways that a vampire can shape shift in this world. Leanne, to the frat boys naming their puppy Motherfucker. I loved tebekah there are huge number of characters throughout, yet every one of them had a distinct voice and characteristics.

I liked the big spooky scary demons. Oct 01, Justina Johnson rated it it was amazing Shelves: I believe it would be very helpful, perhaps even essential, to read them in sequence. This story contains vampires, pure demons, devastated families, a wedding, a baby, an incredible ending, beauty, loss, and love.

I am fairly blud my list is incomplete but I hope I am expressing a sense of the depth and richness that permeates this entire book. The two primary characters are kind of serious, sometimes incorrigible, and have several poignant flaws that made their reconciliation complicated and painful on both sides.

This was one conspicuous but heartrending tale. Benita Tarver, Benny, believes her one and only true love has in essence abandoned her forever. College students are still prone to adolescent extremes, but Benny might be on to something.

That was such a bedazzling trip and a half, but perfectly suited for the opening chapters of this book. I adore Benny, she is just so amazing, eloquent, and annoyingly consistent!

Cleo is now a vampire. Additionally, Cleo has not been able to distance herself from her human family causing many more of her adaptation difficulties. Blje has a whole peck of troubles, hassles and attitude. I positively love Cleo and hurt like Hades when she did. This book took me to my knees with tears, laughter, and instances of love that made me shake the rafters with joy, pain, and profound shifts in my very soul.

I cannot guarantee life-changing experiences for every reader, but it is weatherspkon to me that most folks might be completely overwhelmed and pleased to the max! Adding to my wishlist in the hope of a price drop Perhaps in another 4 years, or when I start reading less so my book budget goes further, I’ll be able to afford it. View all 3 comments.

Feb 20, Ana rated it it was amazing Shelves:

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