When the bladesinger engages in the true heart of the art, when the sword whirls . Back to Main Page → 4e Homebrew → Classes, Paragon Paths, and Epic. So what spell list does that BladeSinger use? Problem I have with over like style builds is the very limited spell list. So I’m looking to create a new 4E character and had to ask from those The bladesinger, there was a thread about recently – it’s supposed to.

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All of the powers are solid and the ability to ignore resistances can be situationally useful. The New World, Part 9: I can see that being quite handy if it works. Bladesong’s defense bonus will help you get maximum value out of this feature and creates a no-win situation combined with Steely Retort. There are at least 3 versions out there, all of which are widely regarded as being problematic at best. If it moves before the end of your next turn, it takes another 12 damage which happens when you hit it with Beast Switch again.

Likewise, it can be ended early if you take up a shield, put such armor on, bladeslnger a two-handed attack with your weapon, or are just incapacitated.

Let me blzdesinger if there’s a rating you disagree with or think needs more explaination. Death’s Gatekeeper mk2, Stealth Edition Make your party “unkillable”, and you hidden, while doing solid damage. If the attack was a confirmed critical hit the damage is multiplied, and the target must make a Saving Throw or be Deafened. This gets better later in paragon and in epic when more monsters can teleport. Considering this, another option is giving Bladesong alternate effects: The RAW experts say “we asked the author of the article what he meant, and he said you were still in Beast Form for the purposes of things that said you had to be in Beast Form.


Bladesinger is the subclass of wizard introduced in the Neverwinter Campaign Setting.

ThePlaneswalker August 13, at 5: Good power, but depending on how your DM handles monsters knowing what conditions they are under, it could lose some value.

You don’t get to trigger Bladespell, but if it nets you a single attack per encounter, it was a feat well spent. I’ve never been able to put my finger on how to describe you Phelix, but I think I have an idea now.

Here’s my attempt at a DPR one. Immobilize is a strong effect, but the real value is the huge amount of free attacks your target will be making.

Bladesinger Review

That would help front load the class a bit, since right now it’s bladesihger shabby. It grants a free use of Dragon Breath on an action point and it’s encounter power grants yet another Dragon Breath use. If not, it’s completely worthless. An auto-blinding wall is a very strong control power. The free melee basic attack on becoming bloodied is ok, as you should have a good one, but the fact that 44e can’t trigger Bladespells prevents it from being better.

Centered Flurry of Blows Monk Attack 1: Above average damage and miss half to several enemies. Everything else is non-functional. Charm of Misplaced Wrath: Lightning damage, bladdsinger if the creature moves it takes the damage again. Overall a good option. Since you can use light and heavy blades as implements for your attack powers, you can use Savage Rend and still get a Bladespell when you use it.

What is your opinions on the bladesinger? 4e : DnD

Not sure how I’d fix the shtick blaesinger bladesinging, but I imagine there’s some decent homebrew blladesinger around that could serve as inspiration if not outright cribbing. Ads by Project Wonderful! Many argue that the martial skill required is as great as some fighters, but you mainly rely on your magic to guide you through battle. They’re all great, but most builds probably don’t qualify for Superior Will which makes Improved Defenses the better choice.


It doesn’t work on ranged powers, which is odd because Shield does. Occasionally useful, but not frequently.

How many times has your sword broken? Using a Rending Khoposh, you can get a free melee basic out of the crit which reduces the action cost of using the power. By clicking “Post Blzdesinger Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. I’m sensing a common theme. Join Date Jul Posts 1. Very average for most builds.

Also, the Breach Warden PP isn’t entirely useless beyond the one feature. If you can squeeze it in, take it. In order to chain the attack, you need to keep hitting and unless your targets are perfectly placed, an area burst 2 will hit more targets more reliably. Only a slight upgrade on Dancing Flame which you get 10 levels earlier. Mage is the subclass of wizard introduced in Heroes of the Fallen Lands.

With Striking Resurgence, bladesimger is a major survivability upgrade.

Views Page Discussion Edit History. At most, they work with 4 powers per day, which is not nearly enough to base your path on. A bladesinger gains 5 hit points per level. It also lets vladesinger use Wisdom, Constitution, or Charisma for your Dilettante power, which gives you a lot of flexibility with your stats.

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