Buy Blocki Flute Method – Student Book 2 2nd Ed.: Wind & Woodwind Accessories – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Blocki Flute Method, Gibsonia, PA. 85 likes. Blocki Flute Method offers exceptional tools for flute instruction. New and experienced students alike. Blocki Flute Method Books. Blocki Flute Method Supplemental Duet Book 2 second. Ed. Blocki Flute Method Supplemental Duet Book 2 second. Ed.

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Students are encouraged to practice daily, in a manner that suits their individual learning style. State Street Academy is tuition-based. His head is turned at an angle that causes restricted airflow methdo breathing.

Even at the age of 10, James is not suited for this flute. Many children play violin and piano at an early age, and methof same is true for those who wish to play the flute. Click on photo to learn about and purchase the Blocki Flute Method books and materials. Younger children would have trouble with their fingers reaching the keys on a flute such as this.

Regular student model flutes can be adapted with this type of headjoint.

Blocki Flute Method Books

Ear training, composition, flexibility, and exercises tailored specifically to the flute are major components of this method. This method covers many aspects of flute playing not covered in band methods that flute students typically use. Flutes can also be purchased that come with a curved headjoint.


The books progress in difficulty and are suitable for many children, teens and adults.

A flute with a curved headjoint allows children as young as 4 begin to experience the joy of flute playing, giving a head start f,ute music and learning. Using a flute such as this motiviates a child to practice longer, since physical strain does not exist.

For more information, visit the contact page of this website: Flute Instructor Molly Shortridge can be reached by phone at or email at mollysflutes verizon.

KinderFlute Academy – Flute Lessons for Older Students

Flute Instructor Molly Shortridge can be reached by phone at or email at. All skill levels and methdo welcome The Blocki Flute Method is bolcki extensively as it covers a multitude of skills and genres http: Students need a flute that allows for a good sound and is in working condition A metronome, music stand, and music will need to be purchased Younger students may be required to purchase a Pneumo-Pro Wind Director, a device developed by flutist Kathy Blocki that helps achieve a big, full sound http: Click on the link to see flute instructor recommendations.


Molly has each of her students work through the Overtone Series of flute repertoire. A head-start in music provides your child with a passion that lasts a lifetime and stimulation for brain growth that can positively enhance physical, cognitive and emotional functioning.

Award-Winning Blocki Flute Method Books

Give your child a unique learning experience, a musical head start and opportunites for fun and friendship! James’ head is in the correct position and his blocko are in a more comfortable position. Login Logout Edit page.

Molly and flute student, Mady, are playing at a Perfect 5th recital. Many techniques are learned, as each volume teaches repertoire from the early ages to modern times, with things such as baraque ornamentation to modern multi-phonics explored!

This flute is much more comfortable due to its curved headjoint. Flute lessons offered for all ages and skill levels.

The Blocki Flute Method www. This series is instrumental in ensuring that students learn each piece to recital-readiness standands, and gives them chances to learn to play with a pianist, with the accompanying CD.

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