Blood Ties (Blood Coven, book 6) by Mari Mancusi – book cover, description, publication history. “Dark, delicious and full of surprises, the Blood Coven series is like vampire candy.” -New York Times bestselling author Heather Brewer. only her heart but also her very life. Posted by Mari Mancusi at PM I will let you know! Also – I think there will be more books after Blood Ties. xo. MARI .

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Again, I enjoyed the story line, just did not enjoy the characters. I hate reading spoilers when I haven’t read a msncusi yet and I’m excited about it. But for Sunny McDonald, the true war is being fought over her heart.

Die Geschichte ist spannend und unterhaltsam. Show More Show Less. Slowly, he does start to see what he was doing and wants to fix it. If you are new to the series, I don’t even think you need to read the other books to be able to understand what is going on. And in it swam a very odd-looking creature.

The first book until the 4th is quite funny and not that bad but book 4 is not that good any more than 1 until 3. Plus, the guys in this book were so lame.

Blood Ties

Ich habe keine Ahnung warum das so ist. It’s one of my go to series for blpod I have a bad day because it’s rarely depressing. I’ve got some questions: Could we get any more My Super Sweet Sixteen if we tried? Mancusi elegantly went over some details of the previous book, so that people like me weren’t as lost.

Nov 15, Patty rated it really liked it. Open Preview See a Problem? I felt all the characters really grew in this book. She just wants to hang out, be with Magnus, and have a few seconds of respite from the craziness of her life. Mancusi never fails to make me laugh when reading her books, she effortlessly weaves ancient vampires, fairies, slayers and laughs into a lovely book.


I wrap my hands around my arms and pick up the pace.

Blood Ties (Blood Coven Vampire, #6) by Mari Mancusi

Refresh and try again. With everything going down in Japan and then throwing Jayden into the mix again things get pretty interesting for everyone involved. She went to a night club and was mistaken for her twin and was bitten, thus becoming a vampire.

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. As if writing and TV producing weren’t enough to keep her busy, Mari also enjoys snowboarding, clubbing, shopping, 80s music, and her favorite guilty pleasure—video games.

Blood Ties

So of course that makes him shout even louder. Meanwhile, the Blood Coven is gearing up for a showdown with a splinter group of Slayer Inc. She would have been much better off with Jayden from the previous book – not this one.

Doch die Alphas wer?? I will say to please go read this book and the series. Abrupt bleibe ich vor der Gestalt am Boden stehen. Rayne just makes too many stupid mistakes and it’s much less irritating to read about those in Sunny’s story then to be along for the ride in Rayne’s story.

And you’re like Blair! And, because of the slang, when she was trying to speak to elder vampires or to her centuries old boyfriend, it seemed a little juvenile and it was hard to think Magnus could bear it, let alone talk like that himself.


This wasn’t my favorite book in the series, but it is a filler book so that is probably why I didn’t care for it as much. I was happy Jayden was back but he had me on just as much of a roller coaster as Sunny. I’m in a weird situation, you know? I walk down an alley through a shortcut off strip. I can’t wait to see what happens next Return to Book Page.

Rainny is quite funny so I hope more to the 7 book! Slayers in a showdown that could cost Sunny not only her heart…but also her life.

Was a little disappointed in this one. Magnus starts laughing at this.

She finally starts to show how she can be a hero in her own right more so then in previous books. The ending of this was awesome – Rayne is now hired to slay Sunny and Magnus. I like how Mancusi brought the Holy Grail back into the picture and incorporated it nicely in the storyline. When those Jared loves are threatened, he calls on magic to survive. The shadows in the dark seem to claw at me menacingly and I keep hearing strange cat like mews echoing through the air.

I read this with my kids playing in the water while we were out on the boat on Sunday and it was the perfect boat book. I stop short as my eyes fall upon the figure on the ground. Now I can at least die of embarrassment off of school property.

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