The phrase ‘Technetronic Era’ many not have cemented its place in posterity, but we appear to be living in elements of it nonetheless. In the book, Between Two Ages: America’s Role in Technetronics Era, Brzezinski outlined many of the principal tenets of contemporary. Zbigniew Kazimierz “Zbig” Brzezinski was a Polish-American diplomat and political scientist. . In his piece Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era, Brzezinski argued that a coordinated policy among developed .

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Retrieved August 22, The result for many is an era of fads, of rapidly shifting beliefs, with emotions providing for some the unifying cement previously supplied by institutions and with the faded revolutionary slogans of the past providing the needed inspiration for facing an altogether different future.

Before you download your free e-book, please consider donating to support open access publishing. Out of this thesis, Brzezinski co-founded the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefellerserving as director from to Retrieved from ” https: Similarly, foreign students returning from American universities have prompted an organizational and intellectual revolution in the academic life of their countries.

On the global scale, “neo- colonialism” has been the formula used to stimulate suspicion by the masses of the political motives of economic aid from the advanced countries; graft, corruption, and inefficiency have been the charges made by donor countries against the recipients of economic assistance.

Brzezinski left office concerned about the internal division within the Democratic party, arguing that the dovish McGovernite wing would send the Democrats into permanent minority. It works through the interpenetration of economic institutions, the sympathetic harmony of political leaders and parties, the shared concepts of sophisticated intellectuals, the mating of bureaucratic interests.

Between Two Ages – America’s Role In the Technetronic Era by Brzezinski, Zbigniew

Since some population growth is unavoidable, the above figures actually represent unattainable levels, even though they are in themselves singularly unimpressive when compared with the figures for the more advanced portions of the world. What in the remote past Athens and Rome were to the Mediterranean world, or China to much of Asia, France has more recently been to Europe.


The Second World War had a profound effect on Brzezinski, who stated in an interview: The availability of the means to cooperate globally intensifies the sense of obligation to act. How then fit into that setting events such as the confrontation between Moscow and Peking, and, once one brzeezinski become accustomed to think of Moscow as more “liberal,” between Moscow and Prague? This form of communicating reality is growing more rapidly — especially in the advanced countries than the traditional written medium, and brzezknski provides the principal source of news for the masses see Tables This can even be said of Gaullism, which has often been described as a throwback to nineteenth- century nationalism.

Established cultures, deeply entrenched traditional religions, and distinctive national identities provided a stable framework and firm moorings; distance and technetronci were the insulators against excessive friction between the compartments.

This page was last edited on 2 Decemberat But in the United States 43 per cent of college-age people are actually enrolled, whereas only 7 to 15 per cent are enrolled in the four countries Italy having the low figure and France the high.

All of this has imperial overtones, and yet it is misleading to label it techhnetronic such. The new generation no longer defines the world exclusively on the basis of reading, either of ideologically structured analyses or of extensive descriptions; it also experiences and senses it vicariously through audio-visual communications.

Brzezinski would preside over a reorganized National Security Council NSC structure, fashioned to ensure technetrronic the NSA would be only one of many players in the foreign policy process. Today some nations still live under conditions not unlike those of pre-Christian times, and many live in circumstances no better than those of the Middle Ages.


Cabinet of President Jimmy Carter — Nationalism so personalized community feelings that the nation became an extension of the ego. Mass educational campaigns and the introduction of new cereals and fertilizers have prompted an impressive upsurge in productivity.

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Nov 24, It is estimated that by roughly one-half of Ceylon’s expected one million unemployed will have certificates of higher education “The International Report,” The Rra, June 15,p. Moreover, both the organizational structure and the intellectual atmosphere in the American scientific world favour experimentation and rapid social adaptation. The routinization brzezinskj conflict on a global scale has been the goal of statesmen for many decades.

Today the balance is becoming unsettled, because newer and larger frameworks of cooperation are emerging, and the effective integration of much smaller, more cohesive units into much larger wholes is becoming increasingly possible because of computers, cybernetics, communications, and so on.

Zbigniew Brzezinski – Wikiquote

The evidence is more elusive in such matters as style, music, values, and social mores, but there too the term “Americanization” obviously implies a specific source. On October 10,Brzezinski along with other influential signatories sent a letter to President George W. Equality motivates both the rebels in the universities — in the West and in the East — and the new nations in their struggle against the better established and richer ones.

Zbigniew Brzezinski was born in WarsawPolandon March 28, Islands of development may increasingly dot the maps of Asia and Africa, assuming that there is relative peace and political stability in the region as a whole. This book is an effort to provide such a perspective.

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