The end is nigh for the adventurous DEFIANCE trilogy by C.J. Redwine and before you round out your collection with a copy of Deliverance. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. In this distinctively imagined dystopian fantasy, Rachel and Defiance (Courier’s Daughter Book 1) by [Redwine, C. J.]. C. J. Redwine is an American writer of science fiction and fantasy, mainly for young adults. She is the New York Times bestselling author of the Defiance Trilogy.

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I went into this novel with low expectations, simply because so many trusted reviewers had given this redsine low rating, and I absolutely have to agree with them. This is not a joke and I am telling you every book like this that I have read has been dubbed with this effect.

He was a controlling, inconsiderate and at times abusive asshole. Tell me about the main character.

Defiance Series

There’s chemistry within the characters, and the heat between the two is almost tangible. The pacing fell a redaine short for me. Here, the women must be given a Protector at age sixteen. Logan is her bland, but self-sacrificing love interest. The romance was multilayered and complicated, just the way I like them, and I was feeling things along with Rachel and Logan from the very first page.

She decides to make it past the Commander and his guards to the wasteland. That fact that it makes no sense will be beside the point. As I said earlier, the cover and blurb held so much promise but fell rsdwine in so many ways for me.

Fortunately, she didn’t stay that long and her character developed remarkably fast and good. This book has it all. Huh, haven’t seen that one before. Whatever he says goes, if you step out of line or one of his guards c Defiance was a book that was on my priority to acquire list ever since I first came across it earlier this year.


Shellie and Ann-Marie February Like I said, this is a fantasy setting that clearly got shoehorned in to dystopia just for the sake of calling it dystopia.

Most of the time it just left me feeling awkward. Still, Fedwine didn’t downright dislike her as a character, but I never grew to love her either. The final battle of the book was well done, the well said phrase of “I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough ” applies I really wanted to love this book, but it just did not happen. Once we get in the thick of it, it becomes a highly intense read that has just the right amount of action to keep you on your toes until the end. I just have to say how much I enjoy main characters who are intelligent and deadly at the same time.

I can’t help but admire Rachel’s stubbornness and tenacity that her father is alive.

At such a young age, she does her own thing and will not allow herself to behave and look to men to save her. You can read this review and more on my blog, Ivy Book Bindings. But you still redwind to remember that she is only 16 years old. I’ve stumbled upon horrible characters rdewine, but in combination with such a wishy-washy setting? And the founders of this society happened to be crazy sexist too.

Wealth has nothing to do with it. Still he easily took a place in my heart with his really caring but also strong personality. This is the love interest that many readers love, and have swooned over. View all 4 comments. As for our male lead, Logan, he comes off as a very condescending defiajce interest who acts more like he’s highly irritated by Rachel than he’s apparently falling in love with her.


Or something like that. Speaking of more, the only other issue I had was the world-building. Redwine is one I’ve been meaning to read for a while. I liked the main characters, and some of the things that happened defiamce them made me sad.

Defiance Series by C.J. Redwine

And Rachel was absolutely like that. Well, okay, not to bits because I have no idea what bits have to do with loving. No matter what obstacles are thrown in rexwine paths — and terrible things do happen — they never give up. Explain deflance to me. This is a first in a series so I am sure more detail and concrete answers are on the way, but the omission and neglect of information often got in the way of my truly being involved in the story. And the attempts at science downright hurt me.

There’s a push and pull of unbelievable magnetic attraction and I couldn’t help but smile when reading those parts. The two of them are still perfect for each other, of course. I can’t wait to find out what’s really going on with defiane in the next book.

C. J. Redwine

Yet she also has redwinf a vulnerable innocence when it comes to her love for Logan. Please introduce links to this page from related articles ; try the Find link tool for suggestions. Whatever he says goes, if you step out of line or one of defiacne guards catches you there are always consequences. He said he’s going to lock her in his freaking attic for “as long as it takes”, for goodness’ sake!

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