This is the promotional short film for Heirloom Audio Production’s award-winning audio adventure, “The Cat of Bubastes.” Based on G.A. Henty’s novel by the. The sacred cat of Bubastes has accidentally been slain; now young Chebron must pay for the offense with his own life, as this is the law of the Pagans in Egypt . The Cat of Bubastes. G. A. HENTY ( – ). G.A. Henty’s “tale of ancient Egypt” tells the story of Amuba, prince of the Rebu, who is taken.

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OK, if you’re superior then so be it. Jan 11, Rachel rated it it was amazing Shelves: The sacred cat of Bubastes has accidentally been slain; now young Chebron must pay for the bybastes with his own life, as this is the law of the Pagans in Egypt, BC. Toggle navigation LibriVox Audio Books.

Bbuastes are likely to get bogged down in the simplicity of the plot and characters, and distracted by the out-dated style of the book. Henty’s secretaries reported that he would quickly pace back bjbastes forth in ca study dictating stories as fast as the secretary could record them. Henty very successfully transports the reader into the time of Ancient Egypt.


On the other hand, the battles weren’t at all badly written. So far I’ve only put up books that are very good because they’re at the top of my head. He also has no sense of ‘show, don’t tell’, and the characters feel stilted and interchangeable instead of fully realised people. His heroes are diligent, intelligent, and dedicated to their country and cause in the face, at times, of great peril Hardcoverpages.

The Cat of Bubastes: A Tale of Ancient Egypt

If only a writer could update it; draw out the characters, pump up the plot, make the prose more fast-paced and sophisticated. Follow the young Rebu prince Amuba from his captured homeland to slavery in Egypt.

These Henty historical novels keep coming up in cag life. Sep 29, Angela R. The final three chapters were heavy with geographic details of the flight of the main characters from Egypt.

I also loved the scene with Moses; it was awesome. We were literaly on the edge of our cag. A Charlotte Mason Approach Download. I wasn’t a fan of how condescending it was towards the Egyptian’s religion. The sacred cat of Bubastes dies and a new cat has to be chosen.

The Cat of Bubastes: A Tale of Ancient Egypt by G.A. Henty

The event sequences flow very well, cliffhangers, and it exceeds what you’d look for in a good book. Frankly I wasn’t sure I would make it through the first 30 minutes, but the story started to rope me in. For me, as an older reader used to more sophisticated writing, the lack “The Cat of Bubastes” is my first GA Henty read.


Mar 08, Lekeshua rated it liked it Shelves: It’s also Christian-based so it’s clean without being preachy, so it definitely won’t offend those who don’t want overbearing Christian content. The priest was my favorite character.

If you do decide to give it a shot, allow it time i This was my daily commute listen as I traveled out of town every day for training, this tripled my normal commute time, so lots of time to listen. The Cat of Bubastes 5 stars.

The Cat of Bubastes

The Epic of Gilgamesh: Refresh and try again. The Student Bible Atlas. All of the “good” characters seemed to fit in a mold for one type of good-natured, upright person. Et cetera, et cetera. Henty’s stories revolve around fictional boy heroes during fascinating periods of history.

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