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The repeater 52, which is similar to each of the repeaters shown in FIG. Noteworthy, the processing described in connection with a particular lamp unit, will nafigator be occurring concurrently in other lamp units of the system.

So I’m stuck with a patch.

Blue Room technical forum: celco navigator – Blue Room technical forum

The state data manager extracts from the transmission, state data applicable to the particular lamp unit. The wheel includes a mark, or magnet which is detected by a sensor which is operated by an index sense navigatpr Also shown in FIG. The lamp processor system serves to initialize the entire lamp unit, command the operation of the parameter control circuits in response to manual input commands from the console or from stored cues, transfer stored cues from the memory back navigayor the control console for storage, and respond to broadcast commands received through the data nafigator 26 for recalling cues from the memory for commanding the operation of the parameter control circuits, which are shown in FIGS.

The main sequencer continues until the lamp button pressed for manual control is released.

Certain status data concerning the lamp unit will originate in the physical controllers. The electrical environment in the region of a performing stage includes many types of interference due to the heavy consumption of electrical power, for both audio and lighting equipment, in a very limited area. Learn nagigator – opens in a new window or tab.


The following is an example of the execution of various above-described programs in response to the depression of nvaigator certain “channel select” console button by the operator.

For additional information, see the Global Shipping Programme terms and conditions – opens in a new window or tab. Sell one like this. A bulb power supply has various interrupt and acknowledge states which are also transmitted to the interface and timer circuit The encoder-change command byte transmitted by the console in response to the change of position of a console control, is accompanied by a byte of data identifying the particular console encoder.

Any additional processing required by the communications process is performed as a response to console processor interrupts from the various programmable integrated circuits. The subprograms controlling, for example, stepper motors, implement conventional algorithms which output a timed sequence of step commands to the motors. The Manchester encoders and have the mode select input connected to a logic high level thereby selecting the repeater mode.

If these two conditions are met, then the console navigatkr a store cue command broadcast message through the network to the lamp units. Controllers for modern lighting systems often must be capable of simultaneously supporting diverse lamp units having different data requirements.

Anyway, I’m just venting here.

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I mean, these guys at Leprecon have always made good products before. Instead, the front console panel indicator is illuminated, whereupon the operator is reminded that cue memory is required to be uploaded from the lamp unit to the console. The regularly timed interrupts may be in the nature of the activation of the lamp status scanning program by the periodic interruption of the hardware timer integrated circuit which produces an interrupt to the console processor. This item will be sent through the Global Shipping Programme and includes international tracking.


Several of the switch input response routines control the displays. The communications manager program within the control complex receives console message in accordance with the various console programs, and enqueues such messages for transmission to the lamp units.

At power-up, the reset signals to the encoders and are at an initial low logic level for a short period of time. The same with gobos. The multiprotocol controller has serial data transmit and receive inputs in addition to a parallel system data input.

A flag in the lamp status word is set at navigaator time to prompt the console processor complex to transmit a packet of data containing information concerning the state of the console. Messages sent from the additional and alternate consoles and remote control unit to the main console are of two types.

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How ceco one navivator a console that you cannot patch the dimmers on? When a flag shows that the outstanding read command has been completed, i. The driving terminals of amplifier are connected to the terminals of motor The file record to be written comprises two parts; the cue number, and the lamp function data. The subprogram identified as the communication address scanning program reads the identification code of the lamp unit.

Navihator operations of the multiple controller network can be illustrated by referring again to FIG. A check is conducted next on the programs already present in the lamp unit RAM memory to determine the validity thereof. I can go on ebay and find a used Pearl or Hog for the same price.

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