Download download document. hhhh. NORMA COVENIN EQUIPOS DE PROTECCIÓN PERSONALDocuments · Norma Covenin – 89 . Download norma download document. norma NORMA COVENIN EQUIPOS DE PROTECCIÓN PERSONALDocuments · Norma. In addition, the Venezuelan Commission for Industrial Standards (COVENIN) has Norma Covenin – 89 / Ropa, Equipos y Dispositivos de Protección.

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Employers have the power to require workers to use properly and correctly, and maintain in good covwnin, the personal protective equipment supplied to preserve their safety and health.

The law lays down the right of workers to confidentiality of their personal health records. A list of occupational diseases is provided by the law Annex 1. Up to 10 workers: Delegates on prevention OSH issues, democratically elected according to the law, shall represent the workers at the Committee on Safety and Health at Work. Employers shall coveinn prevention OSH delegates and unions with the facilities and the necesssary OSH training to perform their duties.

Covenij shall provide prevention OSH delegates and unions with the facilities and OSH training necessary to perform their duties. Employers shall design a prevention policy for the workplace and elaborate an OSH programme.

ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations.

Norma Covenin 2237 – 89 / Ropa, Equipos y Dispositivos de …

The National Institute for Prevention, Health and Safety at Work shall, following an investigation, make a report and qualify the source of a work accident or occupational disease. The manufacturers, importers and suppliers of machinery, equipment, products and equipment are required to ensure that these are not a source of danger to the worker, when used in the recommended conditions and manner. The Organic Labour Law indicates that its Title IV applies to the labour relations defined therein which include home workersand that aspects not regulated in that Title shall be governed by the rest of provisions contained in the Organic Labour Law, its Regulation and special laws Art.

Employers shall facilitate and take all measures to ensure prevention OSH delegates perform their duties. Besides, the Organic Labour Law of May 7,sets out provisions concerning the work of children, pregnant and lactating workers, working conditions, and the Labour Inspectorate, among others.

The National Training Institute. OSH Committees of workplaces,establishments or holdings. Workers have the right to periodic preventive medical examinations and full access to information contained therein, as well as confidentiality of the medical results. Workers and their families shall exercise civil action for compensations.


Lactating women have two half hour breaks per day to feed their children in the nursing room or two breaks of 1 hour and a half if there is not nursing room at workplace. The OSH system shall be composed by members of the following agencies: Employers shall consult workers and their organizations before they undertake measures that could bring about organizational changes that may affect a group of workers or all of them in OSH related matters.

Employers shall provide workers with the tools and personal protective equipment appropriate to the working conditions of the workplace and to the work performed in accordance with OSH regulations. The minute books will record the information regarding the place, date and time of the meeting, identification of members, issues addressed, agreements taken and any other observation that could be considered appropriate.

Pregnant workers and their partners shall not be dismissed from work by employers from the beginning of the pregnancy until two years after delivery. The Organic Labour Law indicates that its Title IV applies to the labour relations defined therein which include domestic workersand that aspects not regulated in that Title shall be governed by the rest of provisions contained in the Organic Labour Law, its Regulation and special laws Art.

Employers shall take the adequate measures so as to prevent any kind of sexual harassment and establish a policy in view of eliminating it.

These books will have no amendments and shall be signed by the members of the Committee. The activity shall resume when the OSH Committee determines so. Employers shall, trough the 2273-89 OSH delegates and OSH Services at the workplace establish a system of surveillance of workers health.

The employer shall ensure that this information is conveyed properly, including with specific training for workers.

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Inspectors shall ensure the compliance with the standards of working conditions, health and safety at work, protection of the family, motherhood and fatherhood, in all inspections within their territorial jurisdiction. The Organic Labour Law specifies that the rules governing labor relations of workers who perform domestic work shall be established in a special law, elaborated with broad participation of workers who provide services for households and their social organizations Art.


Manufactures, importers and suppliers of products and chemicals used in the workplace shall provide information indicating the correct way to use the chemical substances by workers, additional preventive measures to be taken, and the hazards associated with both proper and improper use and handling. In case of non-payment of financial penalties for contraventions of the Labour Code, offenders could endure arrest, for a period from 10 up to 90 days.

All workplaces, institutions, or companies in the public or private sector shall have prevention delegates elected by workers. The employer, the contractor or the beneficiary employer, shall ensure the necessary training and publication of information related to the hazardous conditions of work, prior to initiating such work.

The list of occupational diseases does not exclude other diseases which may be considered as occupational ones Title III. Requirements for record keeping in relation to OSH committees are set out in the legislation. The National Institute for Prevention, Health and Safety at Work where there is grave and imminent danger, or a detrimental situation to the safety and health of workers, shall suspend fully or partially the activity, production, operation or tasks of a workplace, until such situation has been solved.


The Ministry responsible for health and safety at work shall formulate and assess the national OSH policy. Inspectors have the power to make comply with covnin enforce the provisions of OSH legislation. The technical standards related to safety and health at work approved by the Ministry of Labour are mandatory. The Ministry shall consult with covebin most representative organizations of employers, workers, technical and academic agencies, associations of workers with disabilities and other relevant organizations.

This system shall include the record, analysis, interpretation and dissemination, if possible, derived from individual or collective evaluation of the health xovenin of employees. The Ministry responsible for OSH shall: The manufacturers, importers and suppliers shall provide employers with the necessary information for the use and handling of machinery, equipment, products, raw materials and working tools.

The main employer shall require contractors, subcontractors and intermediaries to comply with the duties established in OSH regulations.

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