Symbols!, in modules file, Excluding directories; #, removing, Several developers simultaneously attempting to run CVS; #, technical details. Rights required to run CVSNT Server (Pserver impersonation) . A good place to start is the manual or purchase the CVS Suite which includes an excellent. Can I use CVSNT to replace Visual SourceSafe, PVCS, ClearCase or Perforce? ยป Can I use CVSNT . The access modes are documented in the manual here.

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The CVSNT Manual

The list of current bugs is availabe in the trouble ticket database: Schedule files to be added to the repository. CVSNT servers since cvdnt.

Starting a new project. Note that the CVS administrator need not be a server administrator!

The files and options are processed as for cvs watch on. Therefore in some situations it may be possible to switch one for the other and have very little impact on your business. If it then works re-install the software until you find which one is causing the breakage then file a bug with the mznual concerned.

Do not store a file in a “public” directory and try and use ACLs to completely hide it from all non-authorised users, store it in a separate or a sub directory and set the access control on that directory. Checking out to a remote samba share fails There are three reasons that users often want to checkout sandboxes to a remote share: Authentication clientNext: Binary whyNext: Merging more than once cvsht, Next: Collabnet understand this and provide a proprietary commercial solution – a very small part of which is SVN.


Administrative filesUp: Numeric and symbolic names for revisions Branching and merging: In this way a reasonable facsimile of ‘reserved edits’ can be achieved note however this is a suboptimal way to use CVSNT.

The CVSNT Manual

Enter the password twice. Accessing branchesPrevious: This is not supported for free. First importUp: Common optionsNext: Retrieved 29 July If the user does not wish to receive notifications, she should specify -a none.

Other popular anti-virus products for example, McAfee VirusScan and Norton AntiVirus do not exhibit this behavior and may be used to confirm that the product you have downloaded is free of viruses. Merging two revisionsNext: We cannot help For us far too many days begin with a phone call from a non-customer with a large team of people using CVSNT and they cannot get any work done due to some problem.

Cleaning upPrevious: Mailing log messages, Loginfo Main trunk and branches, Branching and merging make, How your build system interacts with CVS Many repositories, Multiple repositories Markers, conflict, Conflicts example Merge, an example, Conflicts example Merge, branch example, Merging an entire branch Merging, Branching and merging Merging a branch, Merging an entire branch Merging a file, Bringing a file up to date Merging two revisions, Merging differences between any two revisions Merging, and keyword substitution, Merging and keywords mkmodules, Partial list of error messages Modifications, copying between branches, Branching and merging Module status, Module options Module, defining, Defining the module Modules admin fileThe modules file Modules file, The administrative files Modules file program options, How the modules file “program options” programs are run Modules file, changing, Defining the module modules.


Adding and removingUp: To contact the newsgroup you can subscribe here: This makes it impossible to “undo” a delete from within Eclipse.

CVSNT—Concurrent Versions System v1.11.1.3

Keywords in importsPrevious: Committing your changesUp: Watch informationUp: Cant authenticate – server and client cannot agree on an authentication scheme got “” This is the same as the -1 error above. I Id keyword, Keyword List Ident shell commandUsing keywords Identifying a branch, Accessing branches Identifying files, Keyword substitution Ignored files, Ignoring files via cvsignore Ignoring files, Ignoring files via cvsignore import, import–Import sources into CVS, using vendor branches Importing files, Creating a directory tree from a number of files Importing files, from other version control systems, Creating Files From Other Version Control Systems Importing modules, Importing for the first time info, info–Get information about the client and server Info files syntaxThe common syntax Informing others, Informing others about commits init, Creating a repositoryinit–Initialise a new repository Internal variables, Expansions in administrative files Introduction to CVS, What is CVS?

In November the project released version 2. In this case the newer client will insist on using Kerberos and the connection fails with the message [] No authority could be contacted for authentication. Keyword substitutionPrevious: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. CVSNT notifies users who have requested unedit notification for any of files.

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