The Dhammapada introduced & translated by Eknath Easwaran. Nilgiri Press /, pages. The Dhammapada, the best known and. Eknath Easwaran, translator of the best-selling edition of the Dhammapada, sees this powerful scripture as a perfect map for the spiritual journey. Said to be the. Easwaran’s best-selling translation of this classic Buddhist text is reliable, readable, and pada means “the path of dharma,” the path of.

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The Dhammapada introduced and translated by Eknath Easwaran | Buddhist Books Blog

The Dhammapada by Eknath Easwaran. And the reason in clear.

It is impossible to get to the heart of those classics unless you live them, and he did live them. My admiration of the man and his works is boundless.


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In addition there is a page introduction on the life of the Buddha as well as individual prefaces to each verse chapter. It is shunyata, emptiness, only in that there is literally nothing there: Nirvana is aroga, freedom from all illness; shiva, peace of mind; anashrava, freedom from compulsions; ajara, untouched by age; amata, unaffected easwarn death.

It is, in sum, parama sukha, the highest joy. Those who attain the island of nirvana can live thereafter in the sea of change without being swept away.

They know what life is and know that there is something more. Lacking nothing, craving nothing, they stay in the world solely to help and serve.

We cannot say they live without grief; it is their sensitiveness to the suffering of others that motivates their lives. But personal sorrow is gone.

They live to give, and their capacity to go on giving is a source of joy so great that it cannot be measured against any sensation the world offers. Suffering follows an evil dhhammapada as the wheels of a cart follow the oxen that draw it.


Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think.

Joy follows a pure thought like a shadow that never leaves. An example of a solid wood wheel By John O’Neill, User: Jjron – wikimediaCC0, https:

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