Dr. Schmitz. COO. Dr. Pohlig. CFO. Dr. Birnbaum. CCO. Terium. Deputy CEO. Dr. Drake. Vice President of R&D. Greif / Intellectual property. We assessed whether plant biomass, specific root length, and root diameter decreased with stockpile age. Further, we . _3 Birnbaum ().indd 6/8/17 PM Zak, D.R., W.E. Holmes, D.C. White, A.D. Home; >; Physicians; >; Dr. Alexander Birnbaum. Dr. Alexander Birnbaum. Status : Active. Division(s). Neurology. Departments: Medicine. Specialities.

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The first commercial plant for the production of torrefied biocoal pellets is planned to be commissioned in the Dutch town of Duiven before the end of the year.

Today shows that our decision was right. The new plant, which will have a production capacity of 60 tons per year, is due to be commissioned in early Please be aware that parts of this site will not function correctly if you disable cookies. Biocoal is more easily transported than biomass in conventional form, and when co-fired with conventional coal requires no additional facilities such as separate handling, storage and milling.

The resulting biocoal pellets have high energy density compared with conventional biomass, and better combustion properties, more like coal. RWE is currently planning the conversion of its coal-fired power plant in Tilbury, UK, to a dedicated biomass-fired power plant. Neue Doppelblockanlage sichert Zukunft des Standorts.

Dr. Alexander Birnbaum – St. Joseph’s Health Centre Toronto

Kraftwerk Biblis Block B: These pellets will be used by RWE in Europe for both dedicated biomass power plants and for co-firing at coal-fired power plants. The plant would expect to use around 2 million tons during the remainder of its life. Niedrige Temperaturen, hoher Strombedarf.

With the commissioning of the pellet plant, RWE is implementing its integrated biomass strategy across all stages of the value chain from procurement and production of the primary feedstock through to the generation of energy.


The ground-breaking ceremony for the Waycross pellet plant was held on 25 Marchwith the first pellets due to be produced in the third quarter of September zu den Baggern nach Garzweiler ein.

The plant whose foundation stone we are laying today is another major step in this direction. Kraftwerke Westfalen und Gersteinwerk: In addition to the venture capital investment in Topell Energy, RWE Innogy is also investing in conventional biomass pellet production capacity, with the aim of helping to secure the raw materials supply chain for the growing biomass market it sees developing in Europe.

Torrefied biocoal birnnaum have a much higher energy density and much more uniform combustion properties. Erfolgreicher Abschluss der Thus, Europe can benefit from these overseas resources to attain its CO 2 reduction targets”, says Prof.

RWE builds up pellet power

The wood pellets produced in this plant will be shipped from Georgia to Europe as of this summer. Ausfall eines Teiles der Brandmeldeanlage. Kraftwerk Bochum arbeitet seit zehn Jahren unfallfrei. Jump to page content Accessibility. Anlagenrevision im Kernkraftwerk Emsland.

RWE builds up pellet power – Modern Power Systems

As a leading operator of coal-fired power plants, we consider it to be our responsibility to reduce the CO2 emissions of electricity generation as much as possible.

Perspektiven des Energiestandorts Lingen im Fokus. Infotag am Tagebau Garzweiler: Construction of the pellet plant near the city of Waycross in southern Georgia started in March The material is then transported via conveyor belts from the yard to the dryers where the wood is dehumidified.

Castor-Beladekampagne in Block A erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Block E des Kraftwerks Westfalen nimmt den kommerziellen Betrieb auf. Special refining processes, such as birnbaaum so-called torrefaction predrying of biomass in a hermetically sealed environmentwill enable the feedstock to be used even more efficiently in the future.

By continuing to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies in accordance with our privacy policy unless you have disabled them. That is why they are especially suited for co-firing in coal-fired power plants as, in contrast to conventional biomass, they can be transported and stored together with coal. Wanderfalken am Gersteinwerk haben Nachwuchs bekommen. RWE Innogy commissioned the world’s largest plant for the production of pellets from green wood in the US state of Georgia.


Under the influence of the subtropical climate in the south of the US, wood in these regions is growing much more rapidly than in Scandinavia or Russia, for instance.

The first power plant to use the new pellets will be the Amer coal station in Holland two units of total capacity MWe and MWtwhich is owned and operated by Essent, now part of RWE. In the actual pellet plant, the feedstock is further crushed and pressed into pellets. This project will make Tilbury the biggest biomass-fired power plant in the world, until its scheduled closure by at the latest, with an expected capacity of around MW.

Pellet plant Georgia The demand for biomass has been growing at a fast pace in Europe. The demand for biomass has been growing at a fast pace in Europe. It was completed after only 12 months and has since been on trial operation. Log in or Register. The conversion is expected to be complete before the end of Kraftwerke Birnbaim erreichen Rekordeinspeisung.

The manufacturing process is also highly flexible in terms of raw material input. Our intention was to commercialise a new process for the production of efficient biocoal, which significantly improves and extends the potential applications of biomass.

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