Eustace Clarence Mullins (born in Virginia) was an American political writer, author and biographer. A friend of Education for Slavery. Matt Mader is Eustace Mullins’ nephew and has hard copies of Eustace’s book on ebay. Here is his Is “Education for Slavery” available anywhere? Either in. Eustace Mullins is a veteran of the United States Air Force, with thirty-eight months of active . because they lived at the expense of their slaves, aristocrats were said to be .. Research and education, then, are the tools which are needed to.

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Not only did they bring their demonic cult of Egypt, but, known by their later name, the Phoenicians, as they were called after B. This was hardly surprising; England’s policies, her interference, and her continual attempts to destroy the American Republic were no secret to the American people, despite the efforts of our historians to gloss over or cover up these campaigns.

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People no longer knew who they were or what they purpose of their life might be. Napoleon III was also a well known member of the Carbonari, a group of Italian noblemen who were the leaders of the Guelphs, or black nobility, in Europe. One of the most revolting personalities in the history of the United States was the chief organizer of Freemasonry, Albert Pike.

Byfifteen lodges of the Illuminati had fr set up in America. And I realized that because they now had the power to print money, sincethey were printing the money and taking over other areas.

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It reminds me of working with the Phoenix. It appears your browser does not have it turned on. Just as the Swiss bankers had influenced the French Court by placing their agent, the financier Necker, in a key position to precipitate an economic depression, so Lord Shelburne maintained a decisive role in the manipulation of the American forces during the Revolution.


On the one hand were the highly creative and productive descendants of Shem, who have since become know as Semites, and on the opposing side were the “cursed-Canaanites,” who historically were the anti-Semites, the foes of the tall, fair-haired, and blueeyed descendants of Educatkon.


Generally they established their trading colonies along the seacoasts, for they lacked the courage to venture into the great wilderness of Europe, foor the Semites always made themselves at home.

Inthe Czar was undoubtedly the richest man in the world, with a personal fortune amounting to some thirty billion dollars in dollars. Unlike previous religious institutions, which had placed great emphasis on austerity and vows of poverty, this new religious doctrine stressed that the charging in interest on loans and the amassing of wealth was the new way of doing the work of the Lord.

Carto a longtime figure on the American far-right was an influential political estace theorists through the Liberty Lobby and successor organizations which he helped create. Behind him were still another group, known as “the Invisibles,” or the Unknown Superiors, who have been previously identified as the Sovereign Patriarchal Council.

It may have been an experiment for some but its a way of life for the much greater majority. Calvi was found hanging from the Blackfriars Bridge in London, the place having been chosen to signify that he had fallen from grace.

P-2 became deeply involved in many underhanded banking transactions, including control of Banco Ambrosiano.

Eustace Mullins: Occultist and Disinfo Agent of the Far-Right

They would then continue to reign through the next chosen leader, usually designated by their inner councils. It would be logical to suppose that this Socialist society was built on the confiscated fortune of the late Czar Nicholas II, but this is not the case.

A gross, obese creature of the most perverted tastes, he frequently organized expeditions of as many as three wagonloads of friends and prostitutes.

This group commissioned Karl Marx to write the Communist Manifesto in ; it was published in and was immediately given worldwide circulation by the international offices of Freemasonry. The Will of Canaan contains the instructions necessary to resist the results of the Curse of Canaan, which condemn them to slavery. Below it is the Council of 13, which also has great authority; after them comes the Council of Marcinkus, a native of Chicago, who had been in charge of the Vatican’s finances.


On January 22,Mazzini wrote to Pike of his plan to establish a supreme governing council of secret Masons of high degree, who would govern all of Freemasonry; however, no federation of Masons would ever be allowed to kullins about the Supreme Council, a precept which remains in force today. The fact was that inthe United States was for all practical purposes being ruled from England, and so it is today.

Just because he is sometimes right, doesn’t mean he’s always right. Doing much better now.

euetace Not all aliens are bad just like not all humans are bad, there are still good people in this world. From the outset of their history the Phoenician Canaanites always managed to get a monopoly on some essential product.

Eustace Mullins New Post. This is a deliberate policy; those groups which are cooperating in the campaign to destroy the United States are automatically granted “Tax Exemption’ by the IRS, whether through reducing our production capacity, encouraging homosexuality to reduce reproduction, or to defend the United States against its internal or external enemies who are headquartered in Washington.

Although he never attracted more than a small group of followers, Madole, according to Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, established himself as the father of postwar occult fascism. We need to escape the matrix, they want us All to die on earth when there are gateways above and below to leave this holographic trap called earth.

Instead of doing this, Edmund Randolph, who was the Governor of Virginia, cleverly steered the delegates tot he idea of writing a new set of laws, the Constitution, as a federal entity which would incorporate the states.

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