Ektron CMS User Guide. This document describes essential operations for editing content through the Workarea. For complete information about the Ektron . please visit: ? id= .. following link for animated tutorials and other feature explanations. Microsite Tutorial: Introduction to Ektron Content and Pages. In this session, we are introducing the Ektron concept of content and pages – what.

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The events can be added by any authorized user. So you can feel free to use this feature and increase your knowledge. Startup guide for ektorn Ask Question. Covers the different installers, installation, adding content, and getting the content on the website using either Server Controls or the API.

A calendar will help you maintain a connection with your visitors as they will be informed about any upcoming events.

Although search technology can be complicated and a bit difficult to configure, Ektron Search really simplifies that process. Ektron supports the organizing, publishing, authoring and versioning processes of Web content in multiple languages. Provided by Ektron, discussion boards come in an unlimited number and with unlimited topics and solutions to any type of problem. Ektrln forumsparticularly the developer forum.

Building an Extensible and Maintainable Website on Ektron – This webinar discusses what it takes to build an extensible and maintainable web application, covering the benefits of building a properly layered website and walking you through the process of building a functional website.


Ektron CMS User Guide

Here are the webinars I would start off with, in the following order: Should be all set now. Using Ektron CMS, marketers can now have more control over mobile devices than ever before. Bill 1, 6 By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policytutorual our Terms of Service. I want to teach anatomy of ektron cms. Also, the calendar type determines where the events are stored in the database and what type of permission is needed to edit them.

Easy navigation is the tuyorial to successfully converting site visitors to customers. For a much more pleasant user experience, Ektron CMS utilizes a brand new toolbar that eases the process of moving from the edit to the design mode. Visitors who spend more time on a site and keep searching for content are more likely to convert.

Sign up using Facebook. Hi David, I updated the links in the post.

EKTRON CMS fundamental tutorial

Advanced Developer Training this is a new training Intro Developer Training this was revamped for the v8. The powerful HTML online forms provided by Ektron can be used to create online dialog boxes so you can maintain an turorial relationship with your customers. Spongeboy 1, 2 23 Sign up using Email and Password.


By previewing the content they want to publish, marketers have the ability to decide which images will be presented according to the viewable area of the targeted device. Mixing Web content management with localization or translation management results in a complete Web content solution for any language supported by the Unicode standard.

It is the delivery of a successful experience that ensures the Web site achieves the objectives assigned to it by the business: June 01, CMS. Jigar Pandya 5, 1 20 Persona Management is an application Ektron provides to target the content by personas and geographical areas. Digital marketers are now able to create, edit, preview or optimize different pages for a variety of mobile devices — from smartphones to desktops — without the sktron of a development team.

These configurations utilize tags that are hidden from users and support content on different devices — a benefit for all users who will not need to create duplicate content.

What is the best way to start with ektron?

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