Provides information to enable POS operators to use the TM-. L90 safely and correctly. TM-L90 Service Manual. Describes maintenance, inspection and repair . EPSON has been taking industryinitiatives with its own POS printer . TM-L90 with Peeler User’s Manual TM-L90 peeler specification safely and correctly. Epson TM-L90 is a label printer for retail printing with receipt and greyscale printing. It also has greyscale for multi-tone printing.

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The reflective photo detector is able to detect the black mark on the non-printing surface of the paper. Enter text from picture: When installing, route the cutter lead wire as shown below, and then fix with the insulating tape.

Avoid using alcohol, benzene, thinner, trichloroethylene, or ketone-based substances to remove dirt or foreign matter from the printer, because these substances can affect or damage plastic and rubber parts.

Ideal for label and barcode printing. Lubricate the two reduction gear shafts with G, in a line-shape.

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Do not touch it with your hands when mounting or replacing roll paper, because you can be injured. Do not damage the thermal head by touching it with your fingers or any hard rm-l90. Appendix D Parts List Rev. Dimensions and Mass Height: Page 39 Confidential 5.


Page Confidential TM-L90 Service Manual The table below lists the main elements of the main circuit board unit and their functions.

The following table shows problems and solutions to repair the printer. Page 47 Confidential Hinge Cover 1. Confidential Autocutter Either of the following settings can be applied. Remove one S4 screw 2.

tm-l9 What’s in the box. Lubricate the contact area of the frame L assembly and the front frame with G Power is not stable. Other products in this range. Do not block the label peeler detector with your fingers, or anything else while the label issuing is in progress.

Enter text from picture: We respect your privacy. Even if you can see two holes, this is the only tj-l90 to put the screw in. Drop in paper loading and built-in-USB interface Media hm-l90 Contact Us Submit your contact details below and an Epson expert will be in touch: Pull the peeler open lever forward and open the peeler cover.

Page Confidential Paper Specifications Specified roll paper: For more information and for registration, please click here. Troubleshooting Chapter 2 Troubleshooting Guide The compact label printer that can be installed almost anywhere for fast, reliable and versatile printing.


B-6 Full cut and partial cut. Wear a grounded wrist band when handling the internal circuit boards to prevent damage from static electricity.

You can use the ruler printed inside the printer, aligning the inside edge of the spacer with the desired measurement.


Pull the roll paper cover open lever forward, and open the roll paper cover.

Epson TM-L90 series Service Manual

The connection of a non-shielded printer interface cable to this printer will invalidate the EMC standards of this device. Once the printer is used, do not change the cutting method from partial cut to full cut, since the wear rate on the blades differs between the areas where the paper passes and where the paper does not, which can result in a paper-cutting problem.

Page 35 Confidential Main circuit board unit Bottom plate Install in the reverse sequence of removal. This printer benefits from high speed serial, Ethernet and parallel connectivity plus a built-in USB interface, which means it can be eepson as a network device. Remove the front maual. The interface circuit board unit serves as the core of the system that controls data send and receive operations between the TM-L90 and host computer.

Register now We respect your privacy. FEED button Feeds the roll paper. Confidential Install using the following steps: Tear off the paper as shown.

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