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A high-resolution optical imaging system for obtaining the serial transverse section images of biologic tissue.

A high-resolution optical imaging system was designed and developed to obtain the serial transverse section images of the biologic tissue, such as the mouse brain, in which new knife-edge imaging technology, high-speed and high-sensitive line-scan CCD and linear air bearing stages were adopted and incorporated with an OLYMPUS microscope. The section images on the tip of the knife-edge were synchronously captured by the reflection imaging in the microscope while cutting the biologic tissue.

The biologic tissue can be sectioned at interval of nm with the same resolution of the transverse section images obtained in x and y plane. And the cutting job can be automatically finished based on the control program wrote specially in advance, so we save the mass labor of the registration of the vast images data.

In addition, by using this system a larger sample can be cut than conventional ultramicrotome so as to avoid the loss of the tissue structure information because of splitting the tissue sample to meet the size request of the ultramicrotome.

Transverse section scanning mechanism. Apparatus is described for scanning a transverseradionuclide scan-field using an array of focussed collimators. The collimators are movable tangentially on rails, driven by a single motor via a coupled screw.

The collimators are also movable in a radial direction on rails driven by a step motor via coupled screws and bevel gears. Adjacent bevel gears rotate in opposite directions so adjacent collimators move in radially opposite directions. In use, the focal point of each collimator scans at least half of the scan-field, e. Radionuclide transverse section imager.

A radioisotope scanning apparatus for use in nuclear medicine is described in detail. The apparatus enables the quantification and spatial location of the radioactivity in a body section of a patient to be determined with high sensitivity.

It consists of an array of highly focussed collimators arranged such that adjacent collimators move in the same circumferential but opposite radial directions. The explicit movements of the gantry are described in detail and may be controlled by a general purpose computer. The use of highly focussed collimators allows both a reasonable solid angle of acceptance and also high target to background images; additionally, dual radionuclide pharmaceutical studies can be performed simultaneously.

It is claimed that the high sensitivity of the system permits the early diagnosis of pathological changes and the images obtained show accurately the location and shape of physiological abnormalities. Broad ion beam serial section tomography. Block face serial sectioning data registration schemes usually assume that the data comprises a series of parallel, planar slices. In our case we have carried out the data acquisition through the manual transfer of the sample between SEM and BIB which is a very slow process 1—2 slice per dayhowever forthcoming automated procedures will markedly speed up the process.

We show that irrespective of the sectioning method raw large area 2D-EBSD maps are affected by distortions and artefacts which affect 3D-EBSD such that quantitative analyses and visualisation can give misleading and erroneous results.

Addressing and correcting these issues will offer real benefits when large area millimetre sized automated serial section BIBS is developed. Entropy and transverse section reconstruction.

A new approach to the reconstruction of a transverse section using projection data from multiple views incorporates the concept of maximum entropy. The principle of maximizing information entropy embodies the assurance of minimizing bias or prejudice in the reconstruction.

Using maximum entropy is a necessary condition for the reconstructed image.

This entropy criterion is most appropriate for 3-D reconstruction of objects from projections where the system is underdetermined or the data are limited statistically.

This is the case in nuclear medicine time limitations in patient studies do not yield sufficient projections. Transverse section radionuclide scanning system. This invention provides a transverse section radionuclide scanning system for high-sensitivity quantification of brain radioactivity in cross- section picture format in order to permit accurate assessment of regional brain function localized in three dimensions.


High sensitivity crucially depends on overcoming the heretofore known raster type scanning, which requires back and forth detector movement involving dead-time or partial enclosure of the scan field. Accordingly, this invention provides a detector array having no back and forth movement by interlaced detectors that enclose the scan field and rotate as an integral unit around one axis of rotation in a slip ring szndra continuously transmits the detector data descargad means of laser emitting diodes, with the advantages that increased amounts of data can be continuously collected, processed and displayed with increased sensitivity according to a suitable computer program.

Nutritional effects of the serial transverse enteroplasty procedure in experimental short bowel syndrome. The serial transverse enteroplasty STEP procedure appears beneficial clinically, but the llibris s underlying these effects remains unclear. The present study evaluated the nutritional, hormonal, and morphologic ligris of the STEP procedure in a rodent model of short bowel syndrome AbstractCentral beleenguer system involvement manifesting as meningitis or meningoencephalitis is a known complication of scrub typhus, but very few spinal cord lesions such as acute transverse myelitis ATM have been reported in association with this disease.

Scrub typhus patients with a spinal lesion present with neurologic symptoms including dysuria, motor, and sensory weakness. Herein, we describe a rare case of ATM associated with scrub typhus.

Clinical characteristics, cerebrospinal fluid cytology, Orientia tsutsugamushi serum antibody titer, and serial magnetic resonance imaging scans eex in a diagnosis of ATM associated with scrub typhus. Nuclear transverse sectional brain function imager. A transverse radionuclide scanfield imaging apparatus is described comprising a plurality of sandga focused closely laterally adjacent collimators arranged inwardly focused in an array which surrounds a scan field, each collimator being moveable relative to its adjacent collimator; and means for imparting travel to the collimators such that the focal point of each collimator uniformly samples at least one half of the scan field.

A transverse radionuclide scan field imaging apparatus comprises a plurality of highly focused closely laterally adjacent collimators arranged inwardly focused belengurr an array that surrounds a scan field of interest. Each collimator is moveable relative to its adjacent collimator. Means are provided for imparting travel to the collimators such that the focal point of each uniformly samples at least one half of the scan field.

Volume imaging NDE and serial sectioning of carbon fiber composites.

A composite material is a combination of two or more materials with very different mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. The various forms of composite materials, due to their high material properties, are widely used as structural materials in the aviation, space, marine, automobile, and sports industries. However, some defects like voids, delamination, or inhomogeneous fiber distribution that form during the fabricating processes of composites can seriously affect the mechanical properties of the composite material.

In this study, several imaging NDE techniques such as: Then, a 3D analysis was implemented by the destructive technique of serial sectioning for the same sample tested by the NDE methods. To better analyze the results of this work and extract a clear volume image for saandra features and defects contained in the composite material, an intensive comparison was conducted among hundreds of 3D-NDE and multi serial sections ‘ scan images showing the microstructure variation.

Serial sectioning methods szndra 3D velenguer in materials science. A variety of methods for the investigation and 3D representation of the inner structure of materials has been developed. In this paper, techniques based on slice and view using scanning microscopy for imaging are presented and compared. Three different methods of serial sectioning combined with either scanning electron or scanning ion microscopy or atomic force microscopy AFM were placed under scrutiny: These three methods complement one another in many respects, e.

A detailed review is given about preparation, the slice and view process itself, and the limitations of the methods and possible artifacts. Applications for each technique are also provided. Serial transverse enteroplasty to facilitate enteral autonomy in selected children with short bowel syndrome.

Serial transverse enteroplasty STEP was first described in as a method for lengthening and tapering of the bowel in short bowel syndrome. The aim of this multicentre study was to review the outcome of a Swedish cohort of children who underwent STEP.

All children who had a STEP procedure at one of the four centres of paediatric surgery in Sweden between September and January were included in this observational cohort study.


Demographic details, and data from the time of STEP and at follow-up were collected from the case records and analysed. STEP is a useful procedure for selected patients with short bowel syndrome and seems to facilitate weaning from parenteral nutrition. At mid-term follow-up a majority of the children had achieved enteral autonomy. The study is limited by the small sample size sandta lack of a control group. Torsion of the bar of the round transverse section from the variable on length and the transverse section porosity.


Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available The present article is devoted to the task of finding of level of the secondary tangent voltages arising in sections because of a variable on porosity length. The decision of such task will allow to consider secondary tangent voltages in case of determination of bearing capacity of a porous bar. Distribution of porosity on a transverse section is set rationally – pro-ceeding from early the solved tasks on selection of porosity in case of torsion of a bar of a round transverse sectionon bar length — under the linear law.

A research objective is to determine the level of secondary tangent voltages and to evaluate from value. Full Text Available This paper considers the problem of testing cross- sectional correlation in large panel data models with serially -correlated errors.

It finds that existing tests for cross- sectional correlation encounter size dsecargar with serial correlation in the errors. The test is distribution free and allows for unknown forms rescargar serial correlation in the errors.

Monte Carlo simulations show that the test has good size and power for large panels when serial correlation in the errors is present. Wu, Yi; Dabhoiwala, Noshir F. Pelvic-floor anatomy is usually studied by artifact-prone dissection or imaging, which requires prior anatomical knowledge.

We used the serial-section approach to settle contentious issues and an interactive 3D-pdf to make the results widely accessible. Reconstruction of vessel structures from serial whole slide sections of murine liver samples. Image-based analysis of the vascular structures of murine liver samples is an important tool for scientists to understand liver physiology and morphology. Typical assessment methods are MicroCT, which allows for acquiring images of the whole organ while lacking resolution for fine details, and confocal laser scanning microscopy, which allows detailed insights into fine structures while lacking the broader context.

Imaging of histological serial whole slide sections is a recent technology able to fill this gap, since it provides a fine resolution up to the cellular level, but on a whole organ scale. However, whole slide imaging is a modality providing only 2D images. Therefore the challenge is to use stacks of serial sections from which to reconstruct the 3D vessel structures. In this paper we present a semi-automatic procedure to achieve this goal. We employ an automatic method that detects vessel structures based on continuity and shape characteristics.

Furthermore it supports the user to perform manual corrections where required.

articulacion de clutton pdf download – PDF Files

With our methods we were able to successfully extract and reconstruct vessel structures from a stack of and a stack of serial sections of a mouse liver lobe, thus proving the potential of our approach. Important factors for the three-dimensional reconstruction of neuronal structures from abdres ultrathin sections. Full Text Available Quantitative analysis of anatomical synaptic connectivity in microcircuits depends upon accurate 3-dimentional reconstructions of synaptic ultrastructure using electron microscopy of serial ultrathin sections.

Here we address two pitfalls in current methodology that lead to inaccurate reconstructions and compromise conclusions drawn from the data. The first pitfall is inaccurate determination of ultrathin section thickness, which negatively affects the three-dimensional shape of reconstructions and therefore impairs quantitative measurement of synaptic structures.

serial transverse sections: Topics by

Secondly, current methodology significantly underestimates the number of synaptic junctions, with only two-thirds or less of genuine synaptic contacts being identified in dendrites that radiate within the plane of section.

Here we propose a new methodology utilizing precise optical measurements of section thickness and successive observations of synaptic elements across serial ultrathin sections that corrects for these limitations to allow accurate 3-dimentional reconstruction of synaptic ultrastructure.

We use this methodology to reveal that parvalbumin-expressing cortical interneurons have a much higher synaptic density than previously shown. This result suggests that this technique will be useful for re-examining synaptic connectivity of other cell types.

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