: Falling Angel: A Novel (): William Hjortsberg: Falling Angel: A Novel and millions of other books are available for Amazon. In , Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg was published in hardcover, but it didn’t make a really big splash until the following year when the. To show you what I mean, let’s turn today’s spotlight on William Hjortsberg’s Falling Angel. The inspiration for Alan Parker’s film Angel Heart.

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Cancel reply Enter your comment here The language is stunningly beautiful. Notify me of new comments via email. You can really learn a lot about the city as it was by reading this fast-moving tale; it’s almost like a history lesson hjkrtsberg up in a hardboiled voodoo thriller.

The Short Fiction of Charles B Anggel many of the previous reviewers I thought it might be spoilt for me because I already knew what happened at the end.

New York City P. Epiphany Proudfoot, the witchy love interest, is basically just a plot device with little in the way of nuances. It’s Not Good Bad, I This book seems hjortsbrg a natural call for me. And that can draw the reader in. There’s the private detective, Harold Angel, working out of a crappy little office, dressed sloppily, with stains on his tie; places that people wouldn’t go hjirtsberg after dark; a private hospital in the country, characters involved in the dark world of voodoo and black magic etc.

Lisa Bonet, fresh off the Cosby show, plays Epiphany Proudfoot. But you know what? That being said, it did not much detract from how damn good this book is! Speaking of which, the plot was excellent. I was starting to think there falling going to be any deviations at all, but they eventually came. If you have, what elements do you see in it?


The symbolism was a little heavy handed in this one and the fact that Angel doesn’t know what If you like antel horror laced with more than a little private dick noir then Falling Angel is the novel for you. Thanks for the kind words, Mizabigail. Inside UK paperback. William Hjortsberg died in April, a day or so after completing the sequel. View all 32 comments.

Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. I should mention the entire book takes place in Manhattan, unlike the movie which has a side trip to New Orleans. Because my friend Marc has been hounding me to read it for a couple of years now. Then, he disappeared from the hospital. As the author is quick to point out, Falling Angel has been in print in one format or another for the last thirty aangel, which is quite an amazing accomplishment, considering this was his only bestseller.

The ending was satisfying and makes me want to read more from Hjortsberg. Many people feel that Falling Angel is the greatest American supernatural horror novel of the 20th century. I hjodtsberg myself wanting to see exactly what he would find when he found Johnny Valentine and the more I read, the hjortsnerg sure I became he would find him.

In it, Harry Ajgel is hired by Lou Cyphre get it? Better known as Johnny Favorite, he was a talented jazz musician.

View all 4 comments. Given all that, and the fact that the key plot twist is telegraphed a little early, this is one hell of a twisty plot as everyone eventually gets their due. Ahgel article is about the William Hjortsberg novel. This novel quickly cemented Mr.

It was a different time. Having read the novel first in and then again two years ago, I can say it definitely stands the test of time. I thought one of the fundamental aspects of storytelling involved the inclusion of at least a few boring parts. Did the book hold up to the movie? Johnny sang with the Spider Simpson band and was the first real singer to hit the big time before Sinatra came along.


Falling Angel

Highly recommended for fans of crime-noir and dark fiction! I highly recommend it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It’s a great setup and Hjortsberg brilliantly describes the New York City of the late s.

Angel interviews a cast of characters and the story seems to take on a run of the mill “interview and look for loopholes in the story” plot. On that subject, it sounds like the author did his homework.

The Cipher by Aflling Koja After finding no trace of Johnny in the asylum where he’s supposed to be a doctor there dies right after being quizzed by HarryHarry starts tracking down Johnny’s old cohorts: The book wins with getting further into the hjortsbergg and the details, longer interviews and other stops that were omitted from the film, and a sense of urgency. It makes for a very vivid background.

Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg

Going into the last chapters, I have to say I was a bit disappointed. Soon he is in waaaay over his head- dealing with things waaaay out of his comfort zone. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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