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Fortean Times flew over two movie special effects men from Hollywood who immediately explained how it had been faked. He then talked about a date in which he had taken his prospective girlfriend to a restaurant.

You’ll need a sense of adventure,curiosity, natural scepticism and a good sense of humour. A Cabinet of Canine Curiosities and, if his book is anything like his one-hour lecture, it must be a cracker. On any other night, top-of-the-bill US comedian David Millsone of the smoothest new acts on the UK comedy circuit — indeed, he was New Act of the Year — would have been a difficult act to follow, but even a highly charismatic comedian is no competition for a leaping Jack Russell.


Two good punters suggested two good sketches, but one routine was doomed from the start by its very origin. I saw Ivan Brackenbury — Tom Binns — do everything himself and I think it was seeing that which inspired me to do it myself. The party in Shepherds Bush was quite noisy and I may have missed something; but I am writing this blog on 14th November and I suspect I would have noticed the end of the Universe if it had happened.


Ventriloquists are a bit like glove puppet performers. She was off getting drinks that is what producers do when I was accosted by two people — a man and woman. The Universe in Radio. Book review — In the Shadow of the Moon: Buying format see all. Welcome to my website I am a Research Fellow in Journalism at Sheffield Hallam University where I specialise in teaching media law and investigation skills.

Delivery options see all. Well quite good, actually.

Andrew May in Fortean Times

Susan as Jennie Benton: You can renew your subscription at any time, or dexember auto-renew during checkout so that you never miss an issue! I only encountered that extraordinarily influential connoisseur of eccentricity and ringmaster of alternative theatrical eventism Ken Campbell a few times.

Getting things signed as well.

All sorts of unique, bizarre, seemingly impossible shit. He was being Mary Quant for Cabarera! Publication Name see all. Forum article — “Raising a false flag” adapted from Chapter 2 of Conspiracy History. Edinburgh, where there may be gold at the end of the rainbow. She also runs Cabarera! So I decided I would take at least a year out just doing videos on YouTube.

I have read that, with the winds from the right directions, the waters in a tributary of the Red Sea, apparently, really do separate and it is possible, briefly, to literally walk across the sea bed from one side to the other.

Fortean Times Gallery – FT Covers

There is a trailer for Strictly Balti on youTube. I would have stayed. Home Books Articles Fiction Blog. London Bridge Facebook page. But, then, maybe all performers are. Another Magazine is already setting the fashion and style. Do you remember the supposed alien autopsy film? Last night, there was a very good line-up in the New Variety Lives! Spotting Faces in a Crowd.


Forfean then there are the miracles in the Bible. Did Leonardo Fake the Shroud and other stories.

Clocks Magazine Clocks Magazine was launched over 25 years ago to cater for the burgeoning international interest in horology. Filed under CoincidenceComedy. In the Spring ofhe had paid for ads in the London Timesthe Los Angeles Times and other newspapers worldwide. Starting from those basic facts, the improvised comedy sketch could almost not fail. Book Review — Introducing Particle Physics: They stood no chance, through no fault of theirs, which exposes the odds against improvisational comedy being successful; by its nature, it is always hit-and-miss; you are sometimes totally dependent on the audience.

This blog’s statistics 1, hits Follow this blog Search these blogs… Search for: Loving the Alien – Alien abductions for sexual pleasure. This site uses cookies. There is no other magazine that mixes both men’s and women’s lifestyle and fashion tastes as powerfully as Another Magazine. The Search for Extraterrestrial Life. Fortean Times is a monthly magazine of news, reviews and research on strange phenomena and experiences, curiosities, prodigies and portents. Good scan of front to give you a good idea of the condition of these mags.

So far, this has not happened, though I live in hope of good news. A Graphic Guide Issue Januarypage

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