I have had an old printer copy of the IIH for a dozen years now (just a The first book by Franz Bardon to be published was “Initiation Into. Has any one worked through Franz Bardons Initiation Into Hermetics? If so what have been your results? Thanks Simon. No Ads Open Source Portal & the , home of Franz Bardon Initiation Into Hermetics Theory & Practice Forum. Here you can .

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It was precisely to avoid the pitfalls of more baroque systems common in his own day that Bardon preferred an experimental, infinitely personalized, and relatively simple approach which could be elaborated upon as much as the individual needed.

The work of transformation is relegated to Step Two. This goes back a lot to what I said previously about the various schools and teachers in evidence in every direction within the Bardon community.

This is the crux of what differentiates our subjective perception of time from the objective reality of time.

A Bardon Companion: IIH-Intro&Theory

Each of the Elements can be said to have a specific ElectroMagnetic charge. I recommend that on your first trial of each exercise, you do not bother counting your distractions.

By breaking my addiction down into its component parts, the assignment of the parts to the Elements was made relatively easy.

No more than any other system of inner training. This is a common question considering how much like a fairytale the writings about these beings sound. Many people have written at length about it, in Tibetan Buddhism, Zen, Mahayana, etc Each Step builds upon what precedes it. That’s certainly one approach, I’m not saying one way is better than the other.

It is the combination and interaction of these three dynamic parts that causes things to manifest solidity in each of the three mediums or substances Mental, Astral and Physical.

| Home of the Franz Bardon IIH Theory & Practice forum

Even a small few minutes of true emptiness will suffice to begin with but you must constantly improve upon this initial success if you wish to make headway further along the course of IIH.


It refers to insight and realization in the widest, most general and most abstract way possible. From it I learned a great deal about how to manage my addiction, but it did not address the underlying emotional and mental aspects of my addictiveness. Should I continue indefinitely?

The Magnetic Fluid is bwrdon within the Water’s contractiveness, cold and darkness. I’ve heard several definitions of Od but from what I’ve gleaned of Bardon’s definition, he is referring to the character of the individual or, in other words, the individual’s expression of their particular Elemental composition.

The item requirement is a good one since it pushes you to dig as deeply as you can.

While the present moment is all that truly exists within the physical realm where vranz involves itself so intimately with space, in the most ephemeral parts of the non-physical realm where eternity holds sway, all of time past, present and future, as it were exists simultaneously and wholly. The Electric and the Magnetic Fluids: Learn to produce a balance between yourself and other people.

Falcon Books is presenting a badon of interviews with seasoned Hermetic practitioners and those who follow a spiritual discipline. That’s because “Dharma” is a generic word. Often times, an uncatagorizable item is one that is too complex and that can be broken down into more specific parts. At that point, I open my eyes and check to see how long I went before I was interrupted. It is in fact, difficult for the student to at first differentiate between the primary Elements and the Fluids.

Franz Bardons Hermetics – An Interview with William Mistele: Part 1

How can the student prevent this from this occurring if they are working on their own without a teacher? The senses of our astral body are very similar to those of our physical body, yet also similar to those of our mental body. Eventually, it will become second nature to you and no one else will even notice that you are doing it. But what is really happening is that you are re-tuning your mind to another, less cluttered, level of mentation. How you measure your time is up to you and requires only a little inventiveness.

  FM 5-482 PDF

Neither past nor future can truly be said to exist presently. Again, it is easy enough for me to follow the directions as presented. This exercise alone is quite a boon and can be very time consuming. Writing just outside of the circle, put ‘Fire’ to the right, ‘Water’ to the left, ‘Air’ on top, and ‘Earth’ at the bottom. These sorts of incidents can distract your attention from the observance of your thoughts.

William is an author and a Franz Bardon practitioner with over 40 years of experience in this field. Not only does it breed detachment, but detachment permits the development of real discernment by which we can discriminate between the Real and the unreal; we can pick apart real from apparent results with dispassion, relinquishing both pride and shame in order to examine what is really happening with as little filtration as possible.

It requires a good deal of will power and persistent effort. Take a look at Zen monasteries of different national cultures, a Vipassana meditation group, or a dzogchen Tibetan meditation group. With practice though, you will get used to the mental work and it will become fast enough for you to not have to insert extra “empty” breaths while you think. Bardon is very clear about what he means by asceticism. In this case, the amplification of effect occurs because the parts which combine are each dynamic things.

Posted April 21, Meditation, Introspection and Self-Discipline. Though concentration is natural for me, when I do it as Bardon presents the exercises energy gets trapped in my third eye and I get terrible headaches. Thus the form in which they are perceived varies from culture to culture.

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