He therefore sent to Gertrude to come to him, and prepared to strike the iron while it was hot. Gertrude had no sooner made her appearance, than, without. tinuous acceptance of l Promessi Sposi by the Italian public,which as a matter of fact owes to . gether, however, Gertrude and Lucia illustrate for Manzoni the. ‘Proceed,’ replied Gertrude. The worthy priest then began to question her in the usual prescribed forms. ‘ Do you feel in your heart a free, voluntary resolution to.

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Leaving the city by the same gate through which he entered, he sets off for Bergamoknowing that his cousin Bortolo lives in a village nearby. Manzoni does not offer simple answers but leaves those questions open for the reader to meditate on. On every occasion she called it to her aid, that she might enjoy in tranquillity the images of a self-chosen future.

She has been compelled secretly to leave her country to avoid great dangers, and wants an asylum for some time where she may live retired, and where no one will dare molest her, even when. Keep, however, a few steps behind me, because people delight to speak evil, and no one knows what fine stories they would make out, if they were to promessu the Father-guardian walking with a beautiful young girl.

That she might not be below her companions, and influenced at the same time by her new turn of mind, she replied that, at the time of the decision, no one could compel her to take the veil without her consent; that she too, could marry, live in palace, enjoy the world, and that better than any of them; that she could if she wished it, that she would if she wished it; and that, in fact, she did wish it.

And who knows what conjectures might have been made, if, in searching for her, it had not happened that a large hole was discovered in the garden wall, which induced every one to think that she had made her escape thence. Agnese, therefore, as being certainly the best informed after her, here thought herself authorized to come to her succour.

On entering the drawing-room the young bride became the idol — the sole object of attention — the victim. Gertrude, blackmailed by Egidio, a neighbour acquaintance of l’Innominato and Gertrude’s loverpersuades Lucia to run an errand which will take her outside the convent for a gertgude while.

I Promessi Sposi, by Alessandro Manzoni

The meeting was called; two-thirds of the secret votes, which were required by the regulations, were given, as was to be expected, and Gertrude was accepted. Has no authority been made use of to persuade you to this step? Whatever could the punishment be, so mysteriously threatened? In obedience to the orders she gave, and from regard to the anxiety she displayed, they were lodged in the apartments of the portress, adjoining the cloister, and treated as if they were admitted into the service of gsrtrude monastery.


My good friend Cristoforo certainly does not expect that I can serve him so quickly and so well.

I Promessi Sposi, by Alessandro Manzoni : Chapter 10

After such a night as we have described, and as every one may imagine, the greatest part spent in mournful thoughts, with the constant dread of some unforeseen misfortune, in the melancholy silence of night, in the sharpness of a more than autumnal air, and amid the frequent jolts of the incommodious vehicle, which rudely shook the weary frames of our travellers, they soon felt themselves overpowered with sleep, and availed themselves of a sofa that stood in an adjoining room to take a little repose.

Be humble and respectful, reply with frankness to the questions she may please to put; and when you are not questioned, leave it to me. Manzoni and his Times. Her sleep was troubled, disturbed, and full of tormenting dreams, but was unbroken, until the shrill voice of the old woman aroused her to prepare for her journey to Monza. No sooner did the poor girl find herself alone with her mother, than she opened her whole mind to her; but Agnese, being more experienced, in a very few words quieted her doubts, and solved the mystery.

Alarmed at the step she had taken, ashamed at her want of spirit, and vexed with others as well as herself, she tried to enumerate the opportunities which still remained of saying no, and languidly and confusedly resolved in her own mind that in this, or that, or the other instance she would be more open and courageous.

The Betrothed (Manzoni novel) – Wikipedia

To account for the strange conduct of this person in the particular instance he relates, he has been obliged chiefly to recount her early life; and there the family makes the figure which our readers will see.

The guardian began to return thanks, but the Signora interrupted him: They go to the monastery, where Fra Cristoforo gives Renzo a letter of introduction to a certain friar at Milanand another letter to the two women, to organise a refuge at a convent in the nearby city of Monza.

However it may be, he enjoyed here very great authority, and thought that here, better than elsewhere, his daughter would be treated with that distinction and deference which might induce her to choose this monastery as her perpetual abode. Forgive me, if I speak too boldly, but it is that you may not think ill of my mother.

The point is now to make a proper appearance in the monastery and the surrounding country, where you are destined to take the first place. They reached the door, and Gertrude found herself standing before the Lady Abbess.

These chapters are occupied with an account of the plague oflargely based on Giuseppe Ripamonti ‘s De peste quae fuit anno published in Renzo would gladly have stayed there, at least for that day, to have seen the two women provided for, and to have given them his services, but the Father had recommended them to send him on his way as quickly as possible.


The company was more uninteresting, more scarce, and less varied than in the monastery. Not that she is either the Abbess, or the Prioress; for, from what they say, she is one of the youngest there: After many acknowledgments, Renzo tried to induce him to receive some reward; but pronessi, like the boatman, had in view another, more distant, but more abundant recompense; he put his hands behind him, and making his escape went to look after his horse.

As she grew up, she sensed that she was being forced by her parents into a life which would comport but little with her personality. Tonio tells him that Lucia is in Milan. But, instead of this, the unhappy girl struggled under the yoke, and thus felt it heavier and more galling.

He decides to take Lucia back to her native land under his own protection, and with the help of the archbishop the deed is done. You must maintain dignity and an easy manner. It is well for him this time, that he has found a friend who has brought the affair to a good conclusion in a twinkling, without so much noise, so much preparation, so pgomessi ado.

But when he stood before her with that frowning brow, and the ill-fated letter in his promeessi, she would gladly have been a hundred feet under ground, not to say in a cloister.

I must confess that she has conducted herself very well, and has shown that she will not be prevented making the first figure, and maintaining the dignity of the family. In the early 19th century, there was promewsi some controversy as to what form the standard literary language of Italy should take. She then felt an overbearing longing to see some other faces, to hear some other words, to be treated differently. If, in this interval, any doubts had arisen in your mind, any misgivings, or youthful regrets, you ought to have expressed them; but at the point at which we have now arrived, it is no longer the time to play the child.

She therefore took this step also, and named a lady who had chiefly taken her fancy that evening; that is to say, one who had spowi her the most attention, who had most applauded her, and who had treated her with those familiar, affectionate, and engaging manners, which, on the first acquaintanceship, counterfeit a friendship of long standing.

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