The Googlization of Everything has ratings and 86 reviews. Emma Sea said: Ok, so firstly, thank you Siva Vaidhyanathan for picking a book title that. Available at Siva Vaidhyanathan, The Googlization of Everything ( And Why We Should Worry), Berkeley, CA,. University of California Press, In the beginning, the World Wide Web was exciting and open to the point of anarchy, a vast and intimidating repository of unindexed confusion. Into this creativ.

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Lists with This Book. The resulting failures then supply more anecdotes supporting the view that public institutions fail by design rather than by political choice.

Google was the good guy, and it succeeded: It now offers online software such as a word processor, spreadsheets, presentation software, and a calendar service-all operating “in the cloud” and thus freeing users from managing multiple versions of their files and applications on different computers, and easing collaboration with others.

I suspect the latter: He exposes the dark side of our Google fantasies, raising red flags about issues of intellectual property and the much-touted Google Book Search. This book provides some much needed critical googlizatin of the Google juggernaut – its current place everhthing our culture; its displacement of civic, government, and public services; our own misperceptions of what Google actually is. In online video, out-of-print book searches, online advertising, and of course Web search, Google has such an overwhelming lead that other competitors can’t hope to develop the infrastructure needed to compete with Google in the long run.

The Googlization of Everything by Siva Vaidhyanathan – Hardcover – University of California Press

Yes, there is definitely a stronger googlizatuon for quality control to produce truly archival quality scans of books, but I involuntarily LOLed when he suggested that a public effort would cost googlizatuon. As the digital behemoth grows, it’s venturing into increasingly sketchy ethical territory. Most importantly, Cuil pledged not to collect user googlizatuon via logs or cookies, the small files with identifying information that Google and other search engines leave in every user’s Web browser, because it is more interested in what the potential results pages mean than what the user might think about.


Now, Google does not though many think it does otherwise take money to put links high in Web searches. While a number of excellent histories about the emergence of Google have been published.

The very concept of a university as being a non-profit public service is outmoded. It is important to make ourselves informed everythng of information; to able to judge the quality of our access and of the information itself. Google is really good as a search engine and has made a vast amount of previously inaccessible information accessible.

We trust it too much. I do think that Google is being held to a higher standard than other companies this is especially apparent in regards to their dealings in China. But as the most successful supplier of Web-based advertising, Google is now an advertising company first and foremost.

Vaidhyanathan assumes we have a world where there is one universal truth to be discovered, rather than seeing ‘truth’ as subjective, local, and malleable.

Instead, we should begin by examining what Google actually does and how that compares to what competitors do or evfrything do in the future. In any information system which reflects the panoply of human experience how would it ever be possible not to sort and order information relating to any topic, accepting that there are many truths?

Jun 08, Keli rated it liked it Shelves: Retrieved September 18, Vaidhyanathan draws a distinction between a for-profit, Google, and a not-for-profit, the university system, that is unwarranted: We—our fancies, fetishes, predilections, and preferences—are what Google sells to advertisers.

This one also tries to have it both ways: This technology is the evverything, even if it has potentially large unforeseen consequences. Apr 13, Juan rated it really liked it.

The Googlization of Everything: (And Why We Should Worry)

This has lead to ongoing discussion among academics and economists about the purpose, structure, and future of universities. Google has positioned itself to be the world leader in making much of the world digitalized information accessible to everyone. This blows a hole in the consumers’ typical perception that we are the ones making the choices; rather, the choices have already been designed for us, and the probability of our choice has already been calculated.


Golglization exposes the dark side of our Google fantasies, raising red flags about issues of intellectual property and the much-touted Google Book Search. Cuil is a clever and innovative search service that has suffered from terrible business and public-relations decisions.

Views Read Edit View history. With these and other questions, University of Virginia media studies and law professor Vaidhyanathan thoughtfully examines the insidious influence of Google on our society.


Opting out of the free services has a definite cost, but we bear it and keep using. Her family did not know any of this until the s.

This is an arithmetic, rather than geometric, network effect, but it matters nonetheless. Google goog,ization makes the decision about what is worthwhile to scan and serve. And like Caesar’s, Google’s appeal is almost divine. He does not roundly, thoroughly condemn Google, but rather critically examines the cultural, social and educational value it holds right now, while acknowledging everythinf it does do well.

I mean, as Vaidhyanathan states, universities have “overwhelming endorsement from their market: Its lowest level of responsibility relates to content that other people create, which it simply copies and posts for its own index. What is your contribution worth? My cell phone runs on a Google Android ot system.

PageRank Panda Penguin Hummingbird. The significant portion devoted to Google China was unpersuasive due to this fault:

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