MT ( ) . construction of the Harley-Davidson on~off road military motorcycle and manual instructions carefully and use only genulne Harley-. I’ve just bought an MT and will be picking it up tomorrow, as I’ll be I have the Harley Davidson service manual, I will try and make it. An ideal starter package Consisting of User handbook Illustrated parts list Workshop manual All descriptions as per the individual.

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The MT appeared in as a development of the M50, official designation of the electric-start MTand continued until MTs don’t need much modification. Dual seat conversions are readily available and bolt straight on.

The rear rack needs to be removed or shortened. It should be smooth and sweet. They are needed to balance the significant weight of the tyre-clamps which should be fitted. They are heavy for an off-road bike. Harley-Davidson on side panels on this one. Hellmans LE 7 Jul PS You should be issued with an age-related number.

The Armstrong MT & MT

Its a smaller engine to kick over in the first place. And has quick-release mountings just in case you go over the bars. Latest snowflake outrage Latest: There is no chrome to go rusty.

I would not recommend the newcomer to these bikes to dive head first into buying at auction – especially when you realise that private prices are often less than auction prices. Buying from a Dealer like this will get you a good bike. Check when the cambelt was last changed – if in any doubt, replace. Once started and warmed up, listen carefully.


Spank-it 5 minutes ago. Compare other pictures below badged Armstrong. The relatively higher price of the s over the s is down to a few factors s have electric start – this is 1 reason to prefer the over the s have a disk front brake – the front drum is a weak point on the Be careful not to strip engine bolts, the casings are quite soft.

As a Green Lane bike, they are perfect. The for weather-protection, the because it has nothing as standard. Started by happyuk Today at You need to be prepared to pay more for one with the very useful front panniers, and with the gun-carrier rear ‘pannier’ if you like its style and really want to frighten Mercedes drivers: MT Started by dave 22 Jul Replies: They all seem to respond best to different methods, but here is the generally accepted starting point.

Started by Bagl0ck Today at Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. A bike with low miles may have sat in a hanger all its life and never been used. This article is copyright of Mike Forrester, who runs the excellent motorcyclist site Motorcycle. Yokel A moment ago.

Clear it using the decompressor and try again. They are quite competent off-road. MT owners can get all superior and smug at this point. A good Armstrong will be smooth, with a ‘pulsing’ engine vibration and well-balanced, predictable handling. Army bikes have army registrations.

MT Workshop Manual | Army Rumour Service

This may have followed an attempt by Armstrong to build a Police-spec motorcycle, though we don’t think the Police ever took them on.


You pays your money and takes your chance. It is believed that a very small number of Canadian H-D badged M50? This Army-Release paperwork is effectively your ‘Registration Papers’. There are no particular tricks you need to learn for either the or Aroundthe military motorcycle production was sold to Harley-Davidson, and they were built by H-D. Force Motorcycles are probably the best known, and are very well respected in MT circles.

MT350 Workshop Manual

The rear gun-carrier box is said to be manuzl for nipping out for the Sunday Papers, which fit neatly in there. Immaculate concours examples are very rare. Even if you like to have a couple of kicks to turn it over when it is cold kinder to the battery and starteryou do not have the ‘stalling it at the lights’ embarrassment situation. Or it may have had its motor swapped with a broken one. These racks are strong and very securely mounted.

Casual Game Chat Thread.

You can also try milweb. Here is a comparison of the two, showing where you need to modify the rack – cut just in front of the indicator mounts. I dont suppose any of you hard working VM’s out there can get your hands mt3350 the above manual for a few beer tokens?

To get it on the road, you first need an MOT.

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