International Knee Documentation Committee (IKDC) score calculator . of the pediatric versus adult IKDC Subjective Knee Evaluation Form in adolescents. IKDC SUBJECTIVE KNEE EVALUATION FORM. Your Full Name______________________________________________________. Today’s Date. Date of completion. IKDC SUBJECTIVE KNEE EVALUATION FORM . Thank you very much for completing all the questions in this questionnaire.

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National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Lysholm J, Gillquist J. Evaluation of knee ligament surgery results with special emphasis on use of a scoring scale.

Measures of Knee Function

Clinical usability The IKDC involves minimal administrative and respondent burden, and can be easily scored in the clinic using the online scoring sheet. Does the mode of data collection change results in a subjective knee score?

Possible raw score range: The form has not been validated for administration by interview, either in person or via telephone. The revised version added an item regarding knee locking, removed items regarding pain on giving way, swelling with giving way, and the objective measure of thigh atrophy, and also removed the reference to walking, running, and jumping above the sections regarding instability, pain, and swelling Responsive to change across a variety of knee conditions following surgical and nonsurgical interventions; MCID: Knee OA 46 Number of items 18 7 items for symptoms, 1 item for sport participation, 9 items for daily activities, and 1 item for current knee function.


Short and simple; adjunct to other knee function measures; generalizable across a variety of athletic and similar tasks. Administration and scoring burden are minimal when online score sheets are utilized.

The KOS-ADL uses more descriptive responses to each item as compared to other patient-reported outcomes, which may be confusing or overwhelming questionnaier some patients, particularly those with reading difficulties. Activity levels 6—10 can only be achieved if the person participates in recreational or competitive sport.

Large effect sizes have been questionnairee following ACL reconstruction 6—9 months postoperativemeniscal repair 1 year postoperativeand microfracture 1—6 years postoperative Table 2.

If 2 boxes are marked, that which indicates more severe problems is chosen.

IKDC Forms

Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Oxford item knee score in Japanese. Lysholm score and Tegner activity level in individuals with normal knees.

Respondent burden 5—10 minutes to complete. If a mark is placed outside a box, the closest box is chosen.

Fprm ARS has been reported to have moderate to strong correlation with other knee-related scales that measure activity levels, such as the Tegner Activity Score, Cincinnati Knee Ligament Score, and Daniel Score, suggesting good convergent construct questiohnaire Appropriate questionnaires for knee arthroplasty: Development and evaluation of an activity rating scale for disorders of the knee.

To assess the course of disease or response to treatment in patients with knee or hip osteoarthritis OA 78 Recall period for items Current ability. Normative data are available with and without stratification by sex 58 It is simple and quick to administer and score using guidelines provided.


Item-response theory was not used in the development fodm KOOS or for item selection University of Pittsburgh; Item-response theory was not used in the development of the Lysholm scale.

A version using Likert-type scales is also available Version First published in Current function of your knee:.

Free online IKDC knee score calculator – orthotoolkit

Recall difficulty; lack of psychometric testing. The minimal detectable change has been reported as between 8. Self-administered or interview-administered questionnaire.

Unable to perform any of the above activities due to knee pain. Knee injuries ACL, meniscal patellar dislocation qurstionnaire61 Large effect sizes are seen in all subscales 6 months after Questionnnaire reconstruction. The use of individual scores for each subscale, rather than an aggregate score, enhances clinical interpretation and in research acknowledges the impact of different interventions on different dimensions e. A total score has not been validated and is not recommended.

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