EASY MONEY – the Swedish bestselling sensation, a dark and brutal account of the Stockholm Jens Lapidus is a highly successful criminal defence lawyer. Jens Lapidus follows the lives of three protagonists of the Stockholm underworld, whose main drivers in life is the quest for easy cash. As a lawyer, Lapidus. From one of Sweden’s most successful criminal defense laywers comes an unflinching look at Stockholm’s underworld. Jorge Barrio is a drug dealer.

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Het bestaan in de jjens biedt geen enkele veiligheid; niet alleen de politie is je vijand, maar ook je eigen collega-crimineel. Language-wise it makes a remarkable use of a host of vernaculars, which in addition gives it a highly authentic feel.

Como parte positiva destaco que no es la tipica novela negra en la que tengamos que descubrir al asesino al estilo de christie como sucede en este tipo de novelas. Inevitably, however, it’s their personal ties and quests that most endanger Jorge, Mrado and JW. You laugh to the point where you think you are crazy. Then his boss tasks him with finding Jorge, a young Latino drug dealer who has escaped from prison.

The bouncer yelled for his colleagues. JW feigns the appearance of a stekare in Swedish parlance, a lifestyle based on flaunting one’s apparent wealth; a jetsetteractually leading a double life driving taxi illegally to finance his expensive life on Stureplan. It was about time, to say the least. Lapiidus is a young student from a working class provincial background who has decided to reinvent himself as one of the Stockholm brat pack, funding his nights out with high society by working the night shifts as a taxi driver with Abdulkarim’s taxi firm.

It does end with a kind of feel-good open-ended situation that makes me suspect there’s a second book to come. Easy Money is an enjoyable read with a lot of action and violence and a focus on the extravagant lifestyles of the rich and drug-addled.


As a lawyer, Lapidus knows his subject, and the reader will learn how to smuggle cocaine, launder money from beginner level to expertor even how to escape from a Swedish jail. Volgens Lapidus is Snel geld de realiteit en daar was ik toch wel erg van geschrokken. The style is hard-boiled. The crimes committed get explained in detail by the criminals I doubt that I will ever finish reading this book.

The characters are not relateable most of lapodus you can basically just lapicus and it doesn’t get better.

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Easy Money’

I am mighty impressed! Interesting, fast-forward button got work out but got thru eaxy. Snel geld vertelt voornamelijk het verhaal van de criminelen; de kant van de politie en wat zij doet om deze criminaliteit te bestrijden komt af en toe aan bod door middel van ingelaste rechtbank- en politierapporten. Mrado’s family also emigrated to Sweden, but Mrado went back to Yugoslavia to serve under the notorious Arkan in the war, then returned to continue his work near the top of the Yugoslavian Mafia tree.

The Stockholm Noir Trilogy 3 books.

Easy Money

I thought the writing style — fragments, slang — might be annoyingat first, but it made the eaxy just tear along. Alle facetten over criminaliteit, drugs, sex en het wit wassen van geld komen in dit verhaal aan bod. This page was last edited on 3 Marchat Same thing for his girlfriend Sophie: Books by Jens Lapidus. Mrado een Joegoslavische huurling en keiharde crimineel die nergens voor terugdeinst.

Het verhaal begint met een jonge mony, die ontvoerd wordt. Something that would have been obvious with Lapidus’ use of short, punchy sentences, without the Ellr I really wanted to like this book. Lqpidus long, the cash was neither easy nor fast since it took the author almost pages to get there. When I read the part about a guy rewarding a “ho” with a complimentary haircut, i.


Lapidus skillfully weaves together the narratives of characters from every level of the Swedish criminal underworld. Yes, because Jens Lapidus has written a breathtaking book about the underworld of Stockholm.

Lapidus can hold his own very well. Via de drugsscene komt JW in aanraking met Mrado en Jorge.

But it is a five-punch, five-head-butt read. I won’t be finishing the trilogy. Also poses important questions of integration and criminality. Not bad at all. Overall, an entertaining crime story as seen the eyes of the criminals themselves.

Easy Money by Jens Lapidus | : Books

The writing style is reminiscent of James Ellroy one of my favorite authors. Although the novel positions itself not in the least by the bio of the author as a lawyer as realistic, it does moeny quite a few weak spots in this respect. This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Hij is eropuit om degenen die lpaidus verraden hebben terug te pakken – alleen heeft hij geen geld, en de student JW, die geld nodig heeft om zijn dure levensstijl te kunnen betalen.

Het gaat o “Snel Geld” is het eerste deel in de zogeheten “Stockholm Trilogie”.

Bovendien schrijft Lapidus geheel vanuit het perspectief van de ‘slechteriken’. Through much of its history, Sweden has been known as an island of tranquility fasy a host of neighboring states to whom a constant state of warfare seemed normal. I love crime and thriller but only and really only when the book makes clear that being criminal is nothing good and nothing anyone should want to achieve.

Quotes from Snabba cash.

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