Straw bale gardening is a gardening technique perfected by Joel Karsten where the bales acts as natural containers for your plants. They’re like growbags at a. Straw Bale Gardening is quite simply the easiest way to grow great edibles. Straw Bale Gardens – Joel Karsten (BOOK, available through J Karsten’s website) . So I called up Joel Karsten, author of Straw Bale Gardens, and lead Karsten argues that straw is an ideal “container” for growing vegetables.

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Born and raised on a tree nursery and crop farm in Southwestern MN, Joel has a foundation in horticulture and an entrepreneurial spirit. How To Grow Yams.

Joel Karsten: Straw Bale Gardening Shill

It is the norm now. People like the author of gardeinng article who simply read propaganda and recites as fact anomaly occurrences that are neither controlled nor evaluated based on any scientific technique or protocols. IMO, the problems with weedkillers dtraw glyphosates in particular are very real. I guess we can ignore that study too. Exactly what the big corporations paid them to find. Now printed in many languages the book has launched a speaking career that has taken Karsten around the world speaking to frustrated gardeners looking for alternatives to difficult sites, and solutions to so many other problems that traditional gardening methods can’t address.


I haven’t had to weed a garden in years. It seems like every day that some crazy new concept in gardening comes along, and most are silly or a waste of time and money!

Now an award winning author with Cool Springs Press, Karsten is working on future projects and speaking regularly around the world.

And as the plants begin to grow, karsteb wire works like a vertical trellis, supporting your cucumbers, squash and assorted viney vegetables.

How to Build a Straw Bale Garden

The method has now become part of a solution that is helping some of the poorest populations on earth to sustain year around food production in their climate. Growing Gardens under Oak Trees? I took Joel’s straw bale gardening class in the spring ofand did so only out of curiosity after 45 years of growing a traditional garden. I consider him a friend and kindred spirit.

Some practical and serious advice about pursuing patents, trademarks and copyrights, from a non-lawyer perspective. Farmers would be extremely unlikely to ever allow their crop to enter this market. I did end up planting six bales and had terrific luck growing everything in the straw bales.



Gardening is easy and fun. And yes, I do write for money. Five plants that look like Marijuana: Craig thinks I can do better… June 21, Your arguments are similar to people that used to be convinced that the earth was flat, simply because they did not understand basic science nor would they listen to those who tried to reason with them.

Inga Alley Cropping July 25, Which Gingers are Edible? Arrange the bales side by side in rows, with their cut sides up. December 7, at 7: Buffalo Bird Woman’s Garden. Why take the risk?

Well needless to say ,many people died. Why Straw Bale Gardening?

Home – Straw Bale Gardens

I can’t say enough gardennig his influence on my gardening life. What did they find? Can You Grow Coffee in Florida? In addition while this article makes many claims which might lead readers to believe this is an issue on a large scale, the fact is that very few actual cases where this has happened have ever been actually documented.

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