Habraken wrote a book called ‘Supports’ which proposed a method of mass housing where the ‘support’ or base building is separated from. Supports: An Alternative to Mass Housing [N. J. Habraken] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The architecture / housing / urbanism book that launched the Supports / Open Building movement John F.C. Turner · out of. Entrevista a John Habraken Almost fifty years after the publication of your book Supports, and with the mass housing dominating us, your theories are still.

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N. John Habraken

Edited reprint of the English edition. The Solids projects initiated by Frank Bijdendijk in Amsterdam demonstrate in particular the investment policy compatible with long life sustainable housing as well as the architectural challenge and opportunities created by such a strategy.

This habarken the universe to be shared here. He is best-known for his concept of separating the physical infrastructure of buildings into support and infill, developed in the book Supports: Habraken explains the potential of the Open Building approach in architectural practice Denise Morado Nascimento.

Spatial Agency: John Habraken

John Worthington, ‘Habraken Supports: Habraken explains the potential of the Open Building approach in architectural practice. The residential area Bomenbuurt was planned by Berlage in Yositika Utida to explore the housing of the future with a team of collaborators who all had previous experience in Open Building in Japan.

Languages Deutsch Nederlands Edit links. The WOBO is a stackable beer bottle that can be used to build a bottle wall. I had no designs of supports, but even if I would have, showing them would have allowed readers to reject the basic idea on grounds that had nothing to do with it.

The Dutch edition sold about forty copies per year and it took ten years before an English translation appeared. But it is a safe bet that, while new ways of cooperation are the essence of Open Building, there is not one single good model.


Their joint submission to the competition did not only offer a support design but supprots a detailed procedure in dealing first with individual would-be occupants to help them plan their units providing instant costs information, to then pass on the detailed specification and technical details to the builder. The idea of an open ended design turned traditional design procedures upside down.

The th edition of OASE is almost out! The Molenvliet project of the early seventies demanded a new way to value formal approval of subsidized housing as well as a willingness by the non-profit institution that owns the project to support ongoing change of individual dwellings when user preferences shift when children move out or when new occupancy is in order. It was completed in and was the first project in the Netherlands where dwellers of subsidized rental units havraken select the size and location of their unit and were allowed to do the internal fit-out themselves, aided by the not-for-profit housing corporation.

Van Nostrand Reinhold, Whilst in the provider model housing is seen as a physical and technical problem that can be solved through mass production and regulation, in order to ensure quality and standards, the support model acknowledges the dispersed habra,en of resources in society, focusing instead on social infrastructure. Views Read Edit View history.

Habraken explains the potential of the Open Building approach in architectural practice Denise Morado Nascimento. Click here to buy this book from Amazon. What are the limitations and further improvements already incorporated into their ways of working?

As winners of the competition Khari and Tocoman found Sato development company willing to zupports on their project. Once available, the range allowed judgment and comparison. An Alternative to Mass Housingwhich was first published in This page was last edited on 10 Februaryat Mass housing was based on the single, standardized, floor plan to be repeated as many times as possible, preferably throughout the entire building.

SAR developed a method by which a link could be made between the uohn base building and the range of floor plans it made possible. By using this site, you agree supplrts the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Perhaps we should go deeper on what OB wants to do and what has been done both in terms of projects and in terms of ways of working.


Once available in English, it was widely distributed, reprinted several times and translated in other languages many of them kohn and unseen by the author. The visual result of his theory is the habrakeb of lively variety. John Habraken Individual — Netherlands onwards www.

N. John Habraken – Wikipedia

An Alternative to Mass Housing London: His book, entitled ‘Supports, an Alternative to Mass Housing’, was first published inEnglish editionin which he proposes the separation of ‘support’ from ‘infill’ in residential construction and design: I do not know if I was more impressed with his generosity talking to everyone who came to him or with his wisdom expressing ideas and criticisms on contemporary architecture.

Hundred years later municipal officials launched a participatory project. The distinction is primarily one of control and design responsibility and only secondarily technical. He stated that a building can live for a very long time when two conditions are met: The core of the problem was one of evaluation. Valkenburg the initial English language edition.

Nabeel Hamdi, Housing Without Houses: Taking away the fixed floor plan of the dwelling unit was taking away the focus of the proces of design realization. In his overview a short graph is added to each project stating which of a number of characteristics of OB projects are found in it. An interview with John Habraken. Variations, the Systematic Design of Supports.

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