INFINITIVE. PAST TENSE. PAST PARTICIPLE. ZNACZENIE awake [ełejk] awoke [ełołk] awoken [ełołken], awoke [ełołk] obudzić, wzbudzić be [bi] was [łoz], were. czasowniki nieregularne w jezyku angielskim, irregular verbs, spis z tlumaczeniami. Ćwiczenia online. Zestawienie trzech form czasowników nieregularnych w języku angielskim. Teraz z nagraniami mp3 – posłuchaj wymowy wszystkich.

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He directed that the school building be pulled down. A dog dug a hole in our garden. Slowly she turned around.

czasowniki nieregularne – pre-intermediate

The English Club [on-line]. Have you ever been to Rome? She is instructed by her tutor. Perhaps we should forbid them.

May I keep it? Tom blew his nose.

I have been listening. Why did you do it?

He has draw a tree on the wall. What do you do in your free time?


Angielski – Czasowniki nieregularne – Memrise

I began to panic. Have you heard the latest news? The boy had always learned quickly. I have bougt a mieregularne recently. In autumn leaves fall from the trees. I’d say he’s more mad than brave. Her parents don’t let her play with other children. Every day I catch the bus to work. It’s a quarter past eight. The Oxford Dictionary [on-line]. I had a flu last weekn.

I dream about holiday. Lay your suitcase next to mine. I drank delicious juice yesterday. By the end of May I’ll have been working here for 5 years. I can’t find my mobile phone. Ken beat me at chess yesterday. I’ve burnt the toast.

Czasowniki nieregularne – Materiały dodatkowe – przydatne zwroty, gramatyka

Oh, I do learn English! This picture has been hanging here for ages! Don’t let her keep you from your responsibilities.

Angielski czas ma dwie formy morfologiczne: I shall have listened. It’s sometimes a good idea to see oneself through the eyes of one’s enemy.


Gramatyka języka angielskiego

The girl hid the doll in nierehularne garden. I drive to work. I recall telling her clearly that she had lost her job. What time do you leave for school? Operatorem zdania jest czasownik do w 3. W innych projektach Wikimedia Commons. Do you want to lead the staff meeting this week?

Celem przyimka w czasownikach frazowych jest zmiana znaczenia czasownika nieregulrne. I play football every week. He flew the package yesterday. I drink a coffee every morning. Mary and I became good friends. I will get you your book next time. She couldn’t read when she was three. I’ve forgotten where I put my book. He laid the book on a table. I am sure, you don’t learn English.

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