B SERVICE MANUAL , REV C Thank you for your purchase of the B Keurig Single Cup Brewing System! U U The B is the. the Cleaning Instructions in this guide. Turn off and unplug the brewer before cleaning or maintenance. Allow to cool before putting on or taking off parts. Download KEURIG B SM service manual & repair info for electronics experts.

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Keurig offers a filter kit for its brewers.

Suitable for indoor use only. Door Switch Open 7. Depending on the individual blend, up to approximately 9 to 14 grams of premium freshlyground coffee is added.

The brewer must be primed for its first use as set forth below. Brewer External Components 3. The display will look like the image on the right below. This filter has both a Charcoal filter medium for removing chlorine, taste and odor, plusphosphate for the reduction keuirg lime build up inside the brewer.

Using a flat screw driver, gently pry the hinge pins up and out. Lift the Puncture Mechanism Module straight up about 2 inches 50mm to disengage the unit from a support mount.


Service manual | Keurig B3000 Coffeemaker User Manual

Disconnect the small hose from the filter tee, just above the vent valve. The bin will ONLYgo back inside the brewer one way. You can disable up to 3 cup mahual. This design facilitates ease of repair at customerlocations. Loosen the large plastic nut at the bottom of the valve assembly. When reinstalling the new module connect the Hot Water Vent hose to the vent nipple FIRST, and then connect the wire harness and two solenoid wires before you place the module on its support post making sure that they are secure and tight.

Enter your phone number here. It is secured on the bottom with mounting tabs.

Keurig Inc. Coffeemaker B : Inc. Coffeemaker User Manual

Load coins in the coin changers as appropriate. Reconnect the remaining hoses. Cold Water Tank Module g. Release the hose clamp and remove the brew tube from the entrance needle assembly. The brewer must be primed for its first use as set forth below. When mounted properly the coin mechanism should have a flush look and feel as shown in fig Spare Fuse Location keurgi.


Before disconnecting the two hoses on top of the module, make a note of ieurig they are attached. Removal of Back and Side Panels b. Hot water will be dispensed as long as the button is pressed and held delivering a total of 8 oz max before refilling. Switches are located on the rear bottom of both units. The mechanism is shown outside ofthe coin accessory cabinet.

The default setting is degrees F. Turn the brewer around so the back is facing you. Make sure that all connections are tight. It consists of a dual water tank capacity systemwhich allows for fast sequential brewing. Push in on the collar,

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