Abstract Phenol is a hazardous chemical which usually contained in the wastewater from some industries, such as oil refineries, coal processing, and plastics. Studi Kinetika Adsorpsi Larutan Logam Timbal (pb). Menggunakan Karbon Aktif dari Batang Pisang. Husni Husin and Cut Meurah Rosnelly. Laboratorium. Adsorption capacity Increase of the activated carbon can be done with the use of ultrasonic energy-producing high chemical. Activated carbon is used to absorb.

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Article Tools Print this article. Abstract- Lead metal is one of environment polluter and can cause decease or health problems in sort time.

Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menentukan model kinetika yang sesuai pada proses adsorpsi Pb dengan melihat daya jerap arang adsorpwi kulit pisang dalam berbagai variasi massa kinetima g; 1,5g dan 2 g dan waktu kontak 20 menit, 40 menit dan 60 menit.

Pb absorption from the banana peel that appropriate to Langmuir isotherm system is indicates adsorption was occur in one layer monolayer. About The Authors Panut Mulyono.

Article Metrics Abstract views: Equation which using at the adsorption process are Langmuir and Freundlich isotherm equations. The adsorption procion red on bentonite data at various times shows Langmuir monolayer adsorption process in the surface of bentonite. In this study, coconut shell charcoal is used as the adsorbent. The adsorption rate was found xdsorpsi be increased as the operation temperature and mass ratio increase, but it was decreased as the particle diameter increase.

Many adsorption experiments based on equilibrium research and less kinettika them based on kinetics adsorption research.

One of the most efficient practical method to remove phenol in waste water is adsorption. Iron-oxide coated sand was contacted with Cr VI solution at constant temperature. Kinetika adsorbsi logam Pb dengan arang aktif dari kulit pisang pada massa 1 dan 2 g mengikuti model kinetika orde 2, sedangkan pada massa 1,5 g mengikuti kinetika orde 0. Langmuir equation is more appropriate in this research. Persamaan adsorpsi Langmuir lebih sesuai untuk isotherm adsorpsi pada penelitian ini.


Adsorpsi procion merah pada bentonit dengan berbagai variasi waktu adsorpsi menunjukkan proses adsorpsi satu lapisan pada permukaan bentonit.

Abstrak- Logam Pb merupakan salah satu pencemar lingkungan dan dapat mengakibatkan kematian atau gangguan kesehatan dalam waktu singkat. The objective of this work was to study the appropriate kinetic model for adsorption dissolved Cr VI in aqueous solution and the kinetic adsorption dependency upon temperature.

Kinetika adsorpsi ditentukan menggunakan sistem adsorpsi simultan pada berbagai waktu dalam beberapa konsentrasi procion avsorpsi. Adsorption of procion red on natural bentonite was studied by kinetic study to know the xdsorpsi of procion red. How to cite item. The results showed that the pseudo-first-order model was the most appropriate model for explaining the adsorption of Cr VI solution into iron-oxide coated.

Dari hasil analisa, waktu optimum adsorbsi terjadi pada waktu 60 menit. Data dihitung menggunakan persamaan kinetika Langmuir-Hinshelwood. Post a Comment Login required. The adsorption kinetics of phenol in aqueous solution was studied by measuring the concentration of remaining phenol in the solution as a function of time t with the parameters of operation temperature Tparticle diameter of coconut shell charcoal dand mass ratio of coconut shell charcoal to the solution r.

Kinetika Adsorpsi Phenol Dalam Air Dengan Arang Tempurung Kelapa | Mulyono | Forum Teknik

More information and software credits. Abstract Abstrak- Logam Pb merupakan salah satu pencemar lingkungan dan dapat mengakibatkan kematian atau gangguan kesehatan dalam waktu singkat. How to cite item. Kinetic adsorption was determined using batch adsorption system at various times in several concentrations of procion red.

Jurnal MIPA FMIPA Universitas Lampung

Many adsorbent can be used to adsorp phenol from waste water. Email this article Login required. User Username Password Remember me. The data was calculated using Langmuir-Hinshelwood kinetic equation.


Email the author Login required. User Username Password Remember me. Salah satu cara untuk mengatasi masalah pencemaran Pb adalah dengan menggunakan arang aktif dari kulit pisang. Kinetics analysis are based from orde zero,one, and two and find the maximum capacity of adsorption from banana peel carbon active to lead metal.

Phenol is dangerous substance to a microorganism although in low concentration in wastewater. Email the author Login required. User Username Password Remember me. Adsorption into iro-oxide coated sand is an interesting alternative for removal of dissolved Cr VI in aqueous solution waste industry due to the material characteristics, the availability this material in Indonesia and economic considerations.

The empirical rate expression for the adsorption of phenol in aqueous solution with coconut shell charcoal has been determined as: Email this article Login required. From the analysis results, optimum time is at 60 minutes.

Adsorpsi Pb oleh kulit pisang yang sesuai dengan pola isotherm adsorpsi Langmuir mengindikasikan bahwa adsorpsi hanya berlangsung satu lapis monolayer. The results also indicated that temperature had significant effect to the rate constant of pseudo-first-order adsorption model k1 and maximum capacity of adsorption qe.

The way to solve this problem is with used the carbon kinetikka from banana peel. Sample was drawn at certain times and the remaining heavy metal concentration was measured by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer AAS. Persamaan yang digunakan dalam proses adsorpsi adalah persamaan adsorpsi Isoterm Langmuir dan Freundlich.

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