Kwasi Wiredu: Philosophy and an African culture. xiv, pp. Cambridge, etc.: Cambridge University Press, – Volume 45 Issue 2. Pfubsophy and an African Culture. By Kwasi Wiredu. Cambridge University Press , , xiv + pp., £ Is philosophy ‘culture bound’, or is there, if not a. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Philosophy and An African Culture | Part I: 1. Philosophy and On an African orientation in philosophy 3. Kwasi Wiredu.

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History of Western Philosophy. Ontological, Epistemological, and Anthropological Assessment on African Culture One of Wiredu’s concerns when defining “African Philosophy” is keeping colonialized African philosophy in a separate category from recolonized Africa.

When Wiredu broaches the issue of politics and its present and future contexts in postcolonial Africa, then we are compelled to visit a whole range of debates and discourses especially in the social sciences in Africa. Selected Essays and Interviews. As such, it is possible to argue that this conceptual manoeuvre would eventually degenerate into a dead-end of epistemic nativism.


Wiredu proposes that the African philosopher has a unique opportunity to re- examine many of the assumptions of Western philosophers by subjecting them to an interrogation based on African languages. On Traditional African Consensual Rationality. These arearguably more directly concerned with questions pertaining to governance, democracy, and the challenges of contemporary globalization.

Philosophy kwaei Job Placement in Africa According Kwasi job placement should be stressed immediately that the non- academic value of a field of study must not be viewed mainly in terms of its contribution to obtaining one’s first job after graduation. He has offered some useful insights on Marxism, mysticism, metaphysics, and the general nature of the philosophical enterprise itself. The work will highlight the effort put forward Wiredu which has lain to rest the debate as to the existence of African philosophy.


It was necessary culturee restore in ourselves our previous confidence which had been so seriously eroded by colonialism. No keywords specified fix it.

Philosophy and an African Culture

Cambridge University Press During the early to mid s, he often published as many as six major papers per year on topics ranging from logic, to epistemology, to African systems of thought, in reputable international journals. Within the Anglophone contingent of African philosophy, the analytic lwasi of British philosophy continues to be dominant.

Problem Solving The study of philosophy enhances, in a way no other activity does, one’s problem solving capacities. Philosophy, a discipline as old as the human faculty of reason has its thrust on the good life for man. One can be said to have free will if one has a high regard to ethical responsibilities. Wiredu proposes that the African philosopher has a unique opportunity to re-examine many of the assumptions of Western philosophers by subjecting them to an interrogation based on African languages.

This then designates phiosophy person to become a person. Rather, he argues that genuine philosophy demands the application to such thought of critical analysis amd rigorous argument.

Wiredu argues that it is possible to arrive at concepts of universal relevance which can be disentangled from the contigiencies of culture. In carrying out this task, the African philosopher xfrican a few available methodological approaches. His approach in formulating this theory of discursive agency and more specifically philosophical practice involves the incorporation of a form bi-culturalism.

University of Ife Owasi. One need not be a Marxist or a communist in order to accept this obvious fact.

Kwasi Wiredu – – Cambridge University Press. He was later to admit that the character of his undergraduate education wlredu to leave his mind a virtual tabula rasaas far as African philosophy was concerned.


Kwasi Wiredu

In other words, his approach entails analyses of the canon of Western philosophy and also the manifestations of tribal cultures as a way of attaining a conceptual synthesis.

A work of genius, a masterpiece in addition to giving rise to spectralities also generates legions of imitators and followers. Janz – – Lexington Books. African Philosophy and the Decolonisation of Education in Africa: Derrida states it is imperative to distinguish between the legacies of Marx and the various spectralities of Marxism.

At the University of Ghana, he was instructed mainly in Western philosophy and he came to find out about African traditions of thought more or less through his own individual efforts. In this essay, Wiredu argues that the: Cultural Universals and Particulars: This is not to say that Fanon had no plan for the project of decolonization in the intellectual sphere.

On another level, it appears that Wiredu has not sufficiently interrogated the distance between orality and textuality.

In addition to this distinction we might add another crucial one: Myth and RealityLondon: Monthly downloads Sorry, there are not enough data points to plot this chart.

So the point here is that some of the main Marxist propositions on truth have parallels in analytic philosophy. It thereby helps one develop the ability to be 9 Cf. This is both because philosophy touches on so many subjects and human activities; and, especially, because many of its methods are usable in different fields.

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