Buy Sharp 52″ LCD64U CPWBXTPXZ RUNTKTPXZ DUNTKTPXZ T-Con Board: Television Replacement Parts – ✓ FREE. Full HD With a maximum resolution of x (), the widescreen Sharp LCD64U fully supports up to HDTV p (x, progressive) for. Find great deals for Sharper Image AQUOS LCD64U 52″ p HD LCD Television. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Holiday Sales Were the Strongest in Years. My only complaint is that the channel and volume control are located close together where you can easily hit CH up or down if you’re reaching for the volume.

But the Brightness control setting alone wasn’t always the only answer. Martinlogan Dynamo X Subwoofer Review. It’s an international race.

Model #LC-52D64U Sharp lcd television

Check the settings on your TV according to the information in your owner’s manual. The image starts to fade noticeably at an estimated degrees off axis, with critical viewers likely to notice the fading at the smaller angle—or even before.

On the right side of the set are two other inputs: The Sharp combined this excellent video processing with exceptional resolution to produce a compellingly crisp, detailed image. It’s super easy to use and best of all – free. The image starts to fade noticeably at an estimated degrees off axis, with critical viewers likely to notice the fading at the smaller angle—or even before.


According to Sharp, however, field-adjustable calibration controls should begin to show up on its new models coming in Overall, that’s a more flexible set of side inputs than most TVs, and a real plus in a flat panel, particularly if it’s wall-mounted.

Sharp AQUOS LCD64U 52″ LCD Digital Television Page 2 | Sound & Vision

No word on whether existing units will be 526d4u. The zoom mode can enlarge letterboxed material to fill the screen from left to right with an undistorted, correctly proportioned picture. If the TV is set properly, try plugging another component into the HDMI input that you are using for the game console. As you can see, getting the best results 526d4u the departments of shadow detail, blacks, image “pop,” and contrast depended on a bit of juggling with three different controls—and the best setting varied with the program material.

The Sharp’s remote is a good one.

Question and Answers Q:. The Fine Motion control On or Off also did help with motion on some sorts of material, but it could also, unexpectedly, darken the image. But this won’t happen if you are listening through a home theater audio system. The other View Mode choices are typical and provide a good range of capabilities.

Holiday Sales Were the Strongest in Years. I’ll have more to say about these two controls a bit further on, since they interacted in unusual ways with each other and with the Brightness control, which sometimes made choosing the best settings a tricky balancing act.


CES won’t be a big leap forward for TVs. It does slightly enhance some colors and shave of a bit of others see “Measurements”but, properly adjusted, the set’s color was never unnatural or less than satisfactory.

The Countdown Will Be Televised.

Sharper Image AQUOS LC-52D64U 52″ 1080p HD LCD Television

Chat is currently unavailable We’re sorry! The Countdown Will Be Televised. Nor, in the LCD realm, does it equal the contrast ratio, blacks, adjustability, and consistency across a wide range of program material of the latest Sony XBR4s — though the Sharp’s video processing and crisp detail are superior. The fly in the soup was the Sharp’s performance in the dark grays and blacks. Greens displayed less of 52f64u phosphorescent glow than on some digital sets.

Fortunately, it was quite close to the D standard see “Measurements”. View sample model numbers by selecting your product brand. This would sometimes be an improvement, either alone or together with Active Contrast.

Set the brightness control correctly and you may never see anything amiss.

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