Home>FILTRES>KIT REVISION>KIT 3 FILTRES ADAPTABLE LOMBARDINI FOCS ET PROGRESS AVEC CARTOUCHE GO. (except where indicated in this manual). • Stop the engine before Diesel engine: LOMBARDINI mod. LDW FOCS • Keep the diesel engine running . FOCS Workshop Manual_cod. _1° ed_ rev. CHAPTER INDEX – This manual contains pertinent information regarding the repair of LOMBARDINI .

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In this case it is necessary to remount brown coloured rings.

Tighten these in two phases: Avoid storing the engine in direct contact with the ground, in environments that are humid and exposed to bad weather, near high voltage electric lines, etc. All tools must be in good working condition so that engine components are not damaged and that operations are carried out properly and safely. Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website. The tank cap is supplied with a vacuum relief valve 1 and an overpressure valve 2.

When reassembling, replace the seals 2. With the speed governor mounted the camshaft axial clearance should be zero.

Remember me Forgot password? Valve seatsare supplied in finished form, further machining is prohibited. Release rod A and tighten again screw B by a 0. If the rings are black it means zones 3 and 4 of the crankshaft are tempered.


Service Manual Marine Diesel Lombardinj 4 Carefully, but sharply, slide the slide hammer 2 up the special tool shaft until contact is made with end of the tool. Only clean the coolant system when the engine is at a standstill. Check the integrity fods the sealing rings of the cover.


Do not tamper with any devices to alter the level of performance guaranteed by the manufacturer. Also remove the copper gasket.

Tighten the screws at a torque of 60 Nm. Injection Advance Control And Regulation While reassembling, be sure the two centring notches A an B are on the same side. When pulley reference mark A aligns with the timing cover reference mark B, the flywheel side piston is at TDC. Tighten the lkmbardini at a torque of 10 Nm.

WORKSHOP MANUAL 1003 FOCS Engine Series – lombardini service

Specifiche Internazionali Per I Lubrificanti Tighten the nut 1 by hand until the belt tightener rests on surface of the crankcase. High Speed Adjustment Insert the spark arrester in the injector housing with surface A pointing upwards. When refitting tighten the screw at a torque of 80 Fos. Physics Lab Manual. They are supplied as spare parts as increased thickness 0.

Foccs the cap from compensation tank cap and check that the liquid is at the correct level. Grinding B as per relevant table, you can mount the following half rings: Remove the fuel pipes.

  CHP 446F PDF

Start the engine and keep it idle at minimum speed for some minutes. Oil Pan, Removal Make very small movements with the plate.

Alternator Battery Charger Curve 12v 20a Crankshaft, lubrication lines Caution — Warning During repairs, when compressed air is used it is important to wear protective goggles. Couple the caps with the same references and on the same side.

D For tightening torque see figures Avertissements – Instructions Pour La Securite Tighten the two fuel pump fastening nuts at 24 Nm. The combustion chamber is a Ricardo type. Use the oils and greases recommended by the manufacturer. The system takes a certain quantity of entrtien gas from the exhaust manifold 1 fig.

Focd fuels meeting the specification of BQ or equivalent are recommended. Pay attention to determine the precise closing point: The tank must only be filled when the engine is off. Especificaciones Internacionales Para Lubricantes Only genuine MTU spare parts must be used to replace components or Holes must be lined up methodically and with the aid of suitable equipment.

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