Mohwa is one of the most important of Indian forest trees, not because it may possess valuable timber – and it is hardly ever cut for this purpose. Mahua is a common name used for Madhuca longifolia, it belongs to the family Sapotaceae. It is an important economic tree growing throughout India. Mahua is . Trees, to 20 m high, bark grey, cm thick, vertically cracked, exfoliating in thin scales; blaze reddish-brown or dark red; exudation milky. Leaves simple.

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The decoction of the flowers is a valuable remedy for pitta diseases. It is a tree of abundant growth and, to the people of Central India, it provides their most important article of food as the flowers can be stored almost indefinitely. Comparative evaluation of raw and detoxified mahua seed cake lkngifolia biogas production.

Most of the leaves fall from February to April, and during that time the musky-scented flowers appear. It could be said that the antiradical potential of oils can be interpreted as the combined action of different endogenous antioxidants. Use of spent flowers produced after fermentation and distillation as cattle feed gave on whole favourable results as far as the health and milk production are concerned [ 38 ].

Effect of Madhuca longifolia and Terminalia chebula on methane production and nutrient utilization in buffaloes. It is a tree of abundant growth and, to the people of Central India, it provides their most important article of food as the flowers can be stored almost indefinitely.

Madhuca longifolia var. latifolia – Mahua

Powered by the open source Biodiversity Informatics Platform. Introduction Seed oils and fats are increasingly being utilized for biofuels, making these oils potentially more costly and a less plentiful and reliable supply for food needs. Mahua is a medium-sized deciduous tree, which grows to a height of m. It is due to the fact that high SFC means the firmness of fat as it is the solid component that imparts the plasticity and rigidity to fatty materials Campos et al. Fruits are astringent and used in chronic tonsillitis and pharyngitis [ 16 ].


Species specific search options Taxon Hierarchy. Table 6 shows that out of all, carbohydrates, proteins, flavonoids and tannins were found to be positive in all four extracts while alkaloids were positive in aqueous and ether extract, saponins were positive only in methanolic extract.

Ripening fruits Photograph by: The tree is economically important because of widespread uses of its flowers, fruits, seeds and timber Ramadan et al. Carbohydrate was found positive in aqueous, acetone and methanolic while saponins and sterol were positive only in methanolic extract. LPS laboratory processed samples showed no change in biochemical constituents throughout the year and NPS normally practiced samples were distinct for deterioration of the tested components Table 2.

Mahua Madhuca longifolia L. Khatoon and Reddy prepared plastic fats with no trans fatty acids suitable for use in bakery and as vanaspati by interesterification of blends of palm hard fraction PSt with mahua fats.

The cake serves to fertilise the pond, which can be drained, sun dried, refilled with water and restocked with fish fingerlings.

It could be a probable reason for the soft nature of mahua butter as against the usual brittle nature displayed by the other two plant-derived fats. No studies have been conducted on horses EFSA, They longiffolia in close bunches of a dozen or so from the end of the gnarled, grey branchlets.

India Biodiversity Portal

The liquor produced from the flowers is largely colourless, with a whitish tinge and not very strong. It has also been used as biodiesel. Fractional characterisation of jatropha, neem, moringa, trisperma, castor and candlenut seeds as potential feedstocks for biodiesel production in Cuba. Macbr, Illipe latifolia Roxb.


Madhuca longifolia

January 02, Citation: Oil and fats market is interested in solutions that can lonhifolia address these agricultural supply chain challenges. Significant amount of TAG was found ca. It is an important economic tree growing throughout India. The flowers are used to produce an alcoholic drink in tropical India. On the basis of review of literature it concluded that mahua Madhuca longifolia is a highly nutritious tree with lots of ethnomedical properties like antibacterial, anticancer, hepatoprotective, antihyperglycemic, analgesic activities etc.

Ghadge SV, Raheman H. It was found that aqueous extract of fruit showed more activity than methanolic extract for both bacteria [ 9 ]. Jam, Jelly, marmalade, pickle: They are palatable to cattle and no adverse effect on milk yield and milk composition has been observed Singhal et al.

Mahua Seeds are sun-dried and the extracted oil is used as fuel to light the earthen and other lamps. Drawing of the leaves, flowers, fruit and seed Photograph by: The astringent bark extract is used for dental-related problems, rheumatism, and diabetes. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The seeds fat has emuluscent property, used in skin disease, rheumatism, headache, laxativepiles and sometimes as galactogogue.

A couple of months after the flowering period the madbuca opens. The reddish young leaves with the flower clusters look very attractive.

Madhuca indica the new source of biodiesel.

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